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Since joining FilmSoc (The Macquarie University Film Society) back in 1992 I've seen so many films it's almost ridiculous. Some have been great, most were pretty ordinary, some were down right awful. I figure the only ones I really need to tell you about are the bad ones (as my civic duty.) Here they are (in no particular order):

Michael's Top Worst Films Of All Time

Georgia - Boring plot, bad singing. How did this mess every get nominated for awards? (Indy awards admittedly, but still...)
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues - Downright silly, and Keanu plays an Native American? No thanks.
Turbulence - Usually you can laugh at bad action films. Not this one.
Battlefield Earth - I wasn't sure whether to include this "film" (just calling it that is being too kind) on this list. Surely people don't need to be warned about it? Then again, it's really a modern day "Plan 9 from Outer Space". John Travolta must have been channelling the spirit of Ed Wood when he produced this crap. The nicest thing I can say about it? "Almost so bad it's good."
Traffic - Annoyingly shot, far too long and with nothing new to say. Americans might go "Wow... you mean we can't win the 'War on Drugs'?", but the rest of the world just goes "Tell us something we don't already know..."
(And then it goes and wins the Best Director Oscar. Sheesh.)
Charlie's Angels - I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but I just didn't enjoy this film at all. Badly acted, badly plotted... maybe that's how the original TV show was too, but that's no excuse!

There are probably many more that I have blotted from my memory. I'll add to this list as I remember them through False Repressed Memory Therapy or as I see new ones.

Film Links

Here are a few film related links that I find useful/fun:

DVD Profiler List - An online list of my DVD collection!
Internet Movie Database - This is what the Internet is all about. Possibly the greatest collaborative project you will ever experience. Pity it's going a little bit commercial these days. I remember when you could download the entire database to your own PC and do searches off line!
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia - The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon; a fun little game.
Drew's Script-O-Rama  - Check out the early draft of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'!
The Editing Room Abridged Scripts for Movies - Very amusing shortened versions of many major film releases.

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