Winslow says "Hi!"

Welcome To The Slag-Blah Church of The Winslow!

The Slag-Blah Church of The Winslow believes there are only two things in the world worth worshipping. These are:

1. The Winslow: A small, green, furry alligator, who has a number of other interesting properties

2. Phil Foglio: An artist who has a very special relationship with the above divine creature.

About The Winslow

First of all, "Winslow" is both a name and a title. Thus, many people refer to "The Winslow", but you can also refer to him/her/it just as "Winslow". (Close friends, in particular, always drop the definite article.)

The history of Winslow can be traced through both words and pictures. The most complete written account of The Winslow was compiled by P'Oilgof Livy in a work known as "The Herodotus Complex." An excerpt of the appropriate chapter can be found here. Phil also gave us another history of Winslow, this time as a 3 page comic in the back of Myth Adventures! #5 (Published by WaRP Graphics back in 1985 and very hard to come by these days.)

For my own devotion to Winslow, records of sightings of the enigmatic being throughout time and space, and other miscellaneous stuff, click here.

Quick Links (extracted from above section): [Herodotus Complex Excerpt] [Winslow Comic] [Winslow Sightings]

About Phil

Phil Foglio is a comic artist and twice winner of the Hugo Award for best fan artist. He has been producing comics for over 20 years now, including What's New, Buck Godot, and his latest series co-written with his wife Kaja, Girl Genius.

I also happen to really like his work. <grin>

For the history of my infatuation with Phil's work, click here.
For a big long list of Foglio stuff that I own, click here. (July, 2007)
Some useful links to other Foglio web sites.
Finally, you can view The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry, a work in progress, where I am attempting to create the most complete list of all Phil's work available. (July, 2007)

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