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In this page I hope to provide you with links to all the places where you can read about or buy Foglio stuff, so you can all get corrupted like me. (Excuse the longer headings below, but that's what you get when you try to be accurate...)

Official Sites

Studio Foglio [] The official Phil & Kaja Foglio Site. Buy stuff here!
XXXenophile Online [] The official site for Phil's naughty comics. Buy stuff here too!
Airship Entertainment [] The new official gateway site for Phil and Kaja.
Girl Genius Online [] Site for the Web Comic release of Girl Genius.
CafeAirship [] T-shirts and other merchandise featuring logos and other art work related to the Studio Foglio line up.
CafeXXXenophile [] T-shirts and other merchandise of a risqué nature.

Places where you can buy Phil's stuff or stuff that Phil has contributed to (In addition to the official sites above, of course!)

Dreamhaven Books [] This is where the work Phil produced and published through Palliard Press (including issues of the original XXXenophile that Phil himself is now out of stock of) ended up.
Cheapass Games [] The home of James Earnst and his many games, some of which were illustrated by Phil.
Warehouse23 [] The on-line store of Steve Jackson games, where you can pick up Gurps: IOU and some other stuff.
Musings Online [] You can grab a copy of the Musings Magic Special from here, which has an interview with Phil and Kaja in it.
Mu Press [] Publishers of lots of Furry comics and erotica, to which Phil has contributed at various times.
Ralph's Comic Corner [] Often has quite a lot of Phil's work available. Don't rely on what's on their web-site, since I have e-mailed them a couple of times with "wish lists" and come up trumps for a lot of stuff that was not listed on-line
Mile High Comics [] Big on-line comics store with good search and "want list" systems to aid you in finding that obscure stuff.
Wildside Press [] Publishers of Phil and Nick Pollotta's written work.
Spiderweb Software [] Web site of computer games by Jeff Vogel, friend to the Foglio's. Phil did some art for the Avernum series of games, which are available here as Shareware
Chain Mail Girl [] Phil contributed to the 2002 Calendar, available from this site.
Nepenthes Productions [] This guy sells a resin model of The Winslow. I own several, do you?

You should also check out the Gallimaufry for links to various sites.

Miscellaneous Sites with sometimes only a tenuous connection to Phil but what the hell...

TSR,Inc. [] Well, these guys/gals don't really exist any more, having been bought by Wizards of the Coast, who are themselves owned by Hasbro, I believe. So much for the old "indie" feel of role-playing. But Phil used to do various bits with them way back when...
Wizards of The Coast [] Phil (& Kaja) created many Magic: The Gathering cards for this mob, and he also published the second series of What's New in their magazine, The Duelist.
Dragon Magazine [] Long time home of Phil's work, now publishing the new series of What's New and other incidental bits.
Hoot Island [] A web-site for people who think sex is fun. Phil did the artwork for the logo, and they also have an interview with him in there somewhere.

Online Clubs and Communities

Girl Genius Yahoo Group: Talk about the comics and the game.
PhilNDixie Yahoo Group: Not exclusively What's New stuff, despite the title.
XXXenophile Yahoo Group: Discussions about the card game and the comics. A bit quiet these days, but that might change.

Other Fan Sites

Phil Foglio Obsessive Completist's Checklist: Very handy list of a lot of Phil's work. Of course I think my own list, The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry, is better, but I wont begrudge him a link! At least he's regularly updating his list.
Mr. Mutie's List of Foglio Artwork: Well, not really. But he does have some Foglio stuff here.
The Comic Works of Phil Foglio: Good tribute page by Karl, but in need of an update!
Fred's Web Page []: Fred has written a pretty neat Girl Genius decoder you can download and run on your Windows compatible PC.

Got any other links I should have here? Let me know! (Remove NOSPAM before sending e-mail.)

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