Software for Download

From this page you can get information about some of the software programmes I've written. Some of them are free, given certain conditions. All of them are inexpensive!

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Software Available Now

Apple2Forever TrueType Fonts TrueType fonts modelled on the Apple ][ computer screen display
Find Post Code V1.1 Australian Post Code Search Utility
Multipost V1.0 Send multiple file attachments easily with Outlook
OEMViewer V1.02 File Viewer that displays graphics characters correctly
Seti@Home Progress Meter V1.00 Seti@Home Text Client meter for your System Tray
(Now useless with the new Seti@Home client software. Oh well.)
TVRename Compiles of my own fork of TVRename.

If you don't already have them installed, you may need to get the Visual Basic Run-Time Files in order to use my software. (Here's a Microsoft Knowledge Base article that explains it all.)