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I've written lots of bits of software over the years. 99% of it I wouldn't force on an unsuspecting world. But I have written a few programs that I thought other people might find useful, and some of them some people may even wish to pay me for! (Well, we can all dream, can't we?)

So, I've decided to make some of it available on the web. They're all free for non-commercial use (so far), which means that if you're using them on your home PC and you're not conducting any remotely like a business when you use the software, then you don't have to pay anything. But if you use the software on a work PC, or if you work from home and use the software as you work, or if the software is used in running a charity or other non-profit organisation (they're still businesses!), then you've got to pay! If you want to use my programs as part of your own software, or if you want to look at the source code, contact me to discuss terms. (But note that sometimes I'll be too embarrassed to show you any source!)

There are no nags or time expirations or anything like that built into the software. Instead, I'm relying on a very reasonable pricing structure and your own conscience to make this work. (OK, I guess if I found out somehow that a large company was using my software without having registered then I might resort something a bit firmer. Many of my friends did Law degrees and they need work too!)

Even if you're not a commercial user, you can "register" and let me know what you think of the software. Send me suggestions, bug reports, friendly e-mails, postcards, cases of beer, money, whatever you like! I can't promise to fix every bug or to make every suggested change, but I'll consider them all, and I will try very hard to at least reply to all e-mails.

All programs have a README.TXT as part of them with information about installing and using the software. Most install automatically as soon as you run them, so that step is pretty easy, really. (Programs that do this use the InnoSetup program, a great bit of freeware. See

Finally, I would prefer that you not make my software available on any other web sites without checking with me first. I want to get an idea of how many people are looking at my software, and I can't do that if there are copies all over the place!


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