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This is my fork of the TVRename project. I'm posting it here because it sometimes takes a bit of time for my changes to get merged into the main branch, plus sometimes it will be good for me to get some feedback on changes before they get merged.

If you do want to send me some feeback, the place to do it is the TVRename forums.

The source code for TVRename can be found on Google Code. My particular branch is the "mh branch".

Some of my revisions that have not been merged into the main branch make the following fixes and add the following features:

  • r184/188/189: ADD: Adjusted all code to make use of AlphaFS ( which allows us to get around the 259 character path limit of .NET's own functions. Most changes just done through a "using" substitution as AlphaFS is designed to be a drop-in replacement. Existing checks for maximum path length commented out.
  • r186: ADD: Changes to Rules dialog and related routines. Now shows original list as well as processed output, rules are described in "plain English", rules can be previewed up to a certain point in the list (to help with debugging complicated rule sets), plus you can double-click an entry in the preview list to add a new entry with the episode number filled in already.
  • r191: ADD: New rule type: "Flag" - This is used to flag episodes that we have in our collection, but which are damaged or incomplete in some way, so we want to replace them some day. Episodes that have been flagged will appear in the "Missing" list even when they have been found, but with the Air Date showing "Flagged: <Note>"
  • r227: FIX: Selecting a separator line in the right-click menu resulted in an exception.
  • r228: FIX: Change output of mpyTivo meta files to be a Windows ANSI text file, code page 1252 (LATIN-1). This stops curly quotes and other characters from appearing as boxes on the TiVo when transferred using pyTivo. This may be a bit of a hack - a better encoding may be available but so far all I know is that this works for me on my PC. Users using foreign language Windows or TiVos may still have issues.
  • r229: ADD: Support for downloading Season posters.
  • rXXX: FIX: Handle NULL characters incorrectly embedded in XML returned by TheTVDB.

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