The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry

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Release date of this version: 1 July, 2006

Compiled and © Copyright 2001-2006 by Michael Hurwood


    A Guide to the Gallimaufry
1. Major Works as the Writer and Artist
2. Works as the Writer/Scripter/Editor only
3. Minor Works, Covers, One-offs, and Compilation Appearances
4. Trading Card Games
5. Computer, Board and Other Games
6. Interviews & Reviews
7. Miscellaneous
8. Merchandise
9. Foreign Editions & Unique Items

A Guide to the Gallimaufry

The latest version of the Gallimaufry should be available from my web site at If I ever move the page then hopefully a search for "Phil Foglio Gallimaufry" should allow you to find it fairly easily.


Some of Phil's work falls into the "erotic" category. Thus, some of the cover scans, etc. in the Gallimaufry are what I would classify as "risqué". As such, viewer discretion is advised. If you don't want (or if you are not allowed to due to your age, country of residence, etc.) to see uncovered breasts, etc., even as tiny little thumbnails, then do not continue! (Or turn images off in your browser, then continue. The text is pretty safe, with innuendo only.)


In producing this work I'd like to recognise the bibliographies of Phil Foglio and Joel Hahn whose work I built on. Joel in turn thanks the readers of rec.arts.comics.misc (Google Groups link) and rec.arts.comics.alternative (Google Groups link), so some of my thanks must also go to them.

Other people who have contributed corrections, cover scans or information are: Moria Lohquesse, Shark Hawk, Tom Newlin, "gaertk", Howard Feldman and Mark Scott. Special thanks to Larry Bigman and David Morris for providing photocopies of rare fanzines and Gérard Morvan for providing me with an audio tape of an interview he conducted.

For some detailed info on Star Trek Fanzines and Phil's work for them I used Boldly Writing by Joan Marie Verba. (See the Miscellaneous section for book details.)

Nick Pollotta's web site [] proved to be a great source of information about his and Phil's early collaborations. (Check it out for updated info on future "Illegal Aliens" projects too.)

And extra thanks obviously go to Phil for producing all the work in the first place. (Then again, if I total up the time and money I've spent collecting this stuff, maybe "thanks" isn't quite the right word?)

A few words about accuracy:

The information in this document has been compiled from various sources, including my own collection, Studio Foglio, eBay,, and anywhere else I could glean something useful. Apart from the first source, I obviously can't make any claims to the veracity of any of the information!

So, if you have any corrections/additions, please e-mail me with them, at michael (at) I'm particularly after cover art that I don't already have and information on Phil's early work in Fanzines. Thanks!

A note about CaféPress merchandise items:

In 1999 CaféPress were created, and very quickly everybody was using them to quickly get their stuff "merchandised". This was because they could take virtually any digital image and stick it on T-Shirts, Shorts, Caps, Mugs, Lunch Boxes, etc. etc. in small quantities but at a reasonable price to the consumer.

Studio Foglio/Airship Books have used CaféPress for a few years now and quite a few designs have come and gone. Keeping track of which designs have been available on which products (including colour variations), at what initial price and on what date just isn't practical. I've tried to cover as much as I can, but I know I'm sure to have missed a few here and there. I'm pretty sure I've covered all the designs, and all of the more unusual items but if I've managed to record every T-shirt type for each design or all the variations for whether there was also a design on the back of the shirt then I would be most surprised. (And since I'm pretty sure CaféPress work to a "manufacture on demand" system it's also quite conceivable that some of the design/product combinations that were made available never actually ended up on a physical item.)

Check your browser!:

This document makes a lot of use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in order to make it presentable. If your browser doesn't support this feature, it'll probably look pretty bad. Sorry!

Trademarks and Copyright:

The following are Trademarks of Phil Foglio/Studio Foglio/Airship Books/Something else related to Phil:

  • Girl Genius™
  • What's New with Phil & Dixie™
  • Buck Godot-Zap Gun for Hire™
  • XXXenophile™
  • (There are probably more.)

Many other products mentioned are also Trademarks of their respective owners. No ownership on my part is implied by their usage. (I dunno... all this legal mumbo jumbo is a bit much for me.)

A lot of the artwork (covers, etc) is also Copyright Phil Foglio. Some artwork is copyright by other artists. You should be able to determine which is which from the description of the item. All sample artwork is there to allow the collector to familiarise themselves with the look of a comic or item, so they can spot it more easily when sorting through the bargain basement bin at "Comics R Us, Timbuktu", and is not meant to deprive any artists from any income. If you think the scans I put up are ever even close to "the real thing" then you've got no clue. That being said, if you are the Copyright holder of any particular image (and can prove that you are) and you want an image removed then just email me and I'll replace the image in question with a some sort of "placeholder" which describes what a wowser you are. <grin>

Reading the Gallimaufry:

The basic format of an entry is as follows:

Series/Collection Heading

Sub Heading (optional)

Brief description of item

Writer/Artist/etc. details.

#Issue: DateOfRelease [Publisher] $USCoverPrice Format (Colour|B/W) #Pages Catalogue#

Any extra details or comments as required.

Some entries get quite wide. I recommend doing print outs in landscape mode or with a small font size, if possible.

Text in double quotation marks (") are usually some sort of "official" name, or a quote from some source. Anything inside curly braces ( {...} ) is usually editorial in nature and may just be my opinion!

Note that the $USCoverPrice is just that, a cover price! It's not necessarily what the item is currently worth or being sold for. For items which don't have a cover the price usually reflects the earliest price I have for the item. The DateOfRelease is usually the date the item was printed, rather than the date it actually appeared in stores. For merchandise the date is the earliest date the product was advertised.

Abbreviations used:

PF Phil Foglio (duh)
"Phil" Cartoon universe Phil
TSR Originally the acronym of "The Strategic Review", but eventually "TSR, Inc." stood only for itself.
WotC Wizards of the Coast
MA! Myth Adventures! (The series of 8 issues, not the collection of 2.)
99pp Book is 99 pages long
p99 Item is on Page 99
??? I'm missing this info. Help me out if you can!

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This page is Copyright © 2001-2007, by Michael Hurwood. Last updated:13-Sep-2007
Winslow and most other images are Copyright © by Phil Foglio, and are used without permission.
Other cover art Copyright © by their respective publishers. The rest are my own, or AFAIK in the public domain.
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