The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry (Part 2)

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Works as the Writer/Scripter/Editor only
(Alphabetically, by publication title)

Amazing Stories

#575: Oct, 1992 [TSR] $3.95 Paperback (B/W) 96pp {Volume 67, Number 7} ISBN:1-56076-457-0

{Short Fiction "After-Image" by PF, with illustration.}

AMAZING Science Fiction Stories/Fantastic Stories

Nov, 1982 [Dragon Publishing/TSR] $1.50 Paperback (B/W) 164pp ISSN:0279-6848 {Volume 28, Number 8}

P71: "That P.O. Box in Schenectady That You've All Heard So Much About", short story by PF and Freff

{Amusing tale about where authors might get their ideas from.}

Dynamo Joe

Series about a giant battle robot.

Art: Doug Rice
Scripted by: Phil Foglio

Special #1: Jan, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour)

P1-3: Prologue to the Orion War" co-written by PF with John Ostrander.

#4: Feb, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#5: Mar, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#6: Apr, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#7: May, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#8: Jun, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

{Features "Guest Alien" by PF}

#9: Jul, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#10: Aug, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#11: Sep, 1987 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#12: Oct, 1987 [First Comics] $1.75 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#13: Nov, 1987 [First Comics] $1.75 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#14: Dec, 1987 [First Comics] $1.75 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#15: Jan, 1988 [First Comics] $1.75 Comic (Colour) 36pp

First Six-Pack

A sampling of six comics published by First Comics.

#1: Jul, 1987 [First Comics] $0.50 Comic (B/W)

Reprints part of Dynamo Joe #7

#2: ???? [First Comics] $?? Comic (B/W)

Reprints part of Dynamo Joe #8

Nothing But A Smile

The Art of Mark rogers.

2003 [XXXenophile Books] $18 Trade Paperback ??pp

Not really much to do with Phil and Kaja, except that they published it!

{Nice art though!}

Planet Relish

Internet based e-zine of "speculative humour".

#18: 2001 [You Can't Be Serious Publications] $N/A Short Story

"Turnabout": Short story written by Nick Pollotta and PF.
Direct link: {Link Dead}

{It's possible that this story has been incorporated into Nick's new novel, That Darn Squid God.}

Plastic Man

Revival of an old DC character.

Scripting: Phil Foglio
Art:  Hilary Barta
Inks: John Nyberg
Colours: Rick Taylor
Letters: Willie Schubert

#1: Nov, 1988 [DC] $1.00 Comic (Colour) 36pp

{A Buck Godot look-alike makes a brief appearance as a police chief in this issue. One can only assume that Phil did the art for that character.}

#2: Dec, 1988 [DC] $1.00 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#3: Jan, 1989 [DC] $1.00 Comic (Colour) 36pp

#4: Feb, 1989 [DC] $1.00 Comic (Colour) 36pp

{Has a brief cameo by Superman.}

Smith Brown Jones, Alien Accountant

Halloween Special #1: Oct, 1998 [SLG Publishing] $2.96 Comic

PP1-8: "Tough Luck" written by PF, Art by John "Bean" Hastings

Star Blazers

Written by: Phil Foglio
Plotted by: Phil Foglio and Doug Rice
Pencils: Doug Rice

#1: Apr, 1987 [Comico] $1.75 Comic

#2: May, 1987 [Comico] $1.75 Comic

#3: Jun, 1987 [Comico] $1.75 Comic

#4: Jul, 1987 [Comico] $1.75 Comic

Star Blazers V.2

Plotted by: Phil Foglio, Doug Rice, Markalan Joplin (#3-#5)
Written by:  Phil Foglio (#2-#5) and Markalan Joplin (#1, #2)
Art by: Harrison Fong and Bill Anderson
Colour by: Julie Sczesny

#2: Jun, 1989 [Comico] $2.50 Comic

#3: Jul, 1989 [Comico] $2.50 Comic

#4: Aug, 1989 [Comico] $2.50 Comic

#5: Sep, 1989 [Comico] $2.50 Comic

{Issue #1 apparently not worked on by Phil.
Issue #5 has no credits listed in the comic itself and are assumed to be the same as #4.}

WaRP Graphics Annual

Collection of comics published by WaRP Graphics.

#1: ???, 1986 [Warp Graphics] $2.95 Comic (Colour)

{Myth Adventures story is co-credited to Phil Foglio, but he claims he had nothing to do with it! The art is certainly by the artist (Valentino) who took over drawing Myth Adventures when Phil stopped. Perhaps they just felt Phil deserved recognition for having developed the comic versions of some of the characters?}

Wild Kingdom

Co-editors: Phil Foglio & Edd Vick

#1: ????, 1993 [Mu Press] $2.50 Comic (B/W)

#2: ????, 1993 [Mu Press] $?? Comic (B/W)

#3: ????, 1993 [Mu Press] $?? Comic (B/W)

#4: ????, 1993 [Mu Press] $?? Comic (B/W)

#5: ????, 1993 [Mu Press] $?? Comic (B/W)

XXXenophile Presents

Series mostly just edited by Phil.

#1: Apr, 1992 [Palliard Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W)

"Volcanic Nights"

Story and Art: Julie Ann Sczesny
Screens and Editing: Phil Foglio

#2: Feb, 1993 [Palliard Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W)

"Incubus I"

Story and Art: Colin Upton
Cover Colouring: Phil Foglio

#3: Aug, 1994 [Palliard Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W)

"Utopia Unlimited 1"

Story and Art: Charlie Wise

#4: Jul, 1995 [Palliard Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W)

"Incubus II"

Story and Art: Colin Upton

#5: Oct, 1995 [Palliard Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W)

"Utopia Unlimited 2"

Story and Art: Charlie Wise


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