The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry (Part 9)

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Foreign Editions

Ein Dämon Zuviel (One Demon Too Many)

German edition of Myth Adventures.

#1: 1988 [Splitter-Verlag] DM8,80 32pp

"1. Teil - Übung macht den Meister" ("Part 1. Practice makes the master")

Contains a coloured translation of Myth Adventures! #1

{Despite this being labelled as "Part 1", I've never encountered any other issues that were translated. However, many of Robert Asprin's original books have been translated. Note that the cover is a slightly modified version of the first page of Issue 2 (all text has been removed and Aahz's clothing has changed from black to blue.) Most of the artwork is unchanged with the exception of the first page, where all the large text has been removed, and a few other spots where again English text or dialog bubbles have been slightly modified.}

Illegal Aliens

Written by Nick Pollotta and PF
Cover and Illustrations by PF (?)

1994 [Armada Press, Moscow] $?? Book

Russian Translation.

{I've not seen a copy of this version, but I assume the cover is still at least by Phil, and that there may be interior illustrations.}

2006 [AST Press, Moscow] $?? Book

Another Russian translation. (Or the same translation and a new publisher.)

Magic: The Gathering

Too many cards in too many languages to mention!


Swedish translations of various DC comics.

#3: 1992 [Epix] SEK19 68pp

Includes translation of "Plastic Man #1" (24pp)

#6: 1992 [Epix] SEK19 68pp

Includes translation of "Plastic Man #2" (22pp)

XXXénophile Tome 1

French edition. Large format!
Translation: Pépino
Graphic Adaptation: Libra Scorpius

Mar, 2001 [BDérogène/SEEBD] $N/A Hardcover 64pp ISBN:2-7474-0020-4

Back cover has art from XXXenophile #2 cover.

Rêves Cyber (Net Dreams)
Les Contes du Poing de Velours - Les Risques Du Metier (Tales of the Velvet Fist � Occupational Hazard)
Temps X (Time Piece)
Blue Opal
Question de Concentration (Hold That Thought)
Sweet Water
Gimme All Your Lovin' (Savin' all My Love For You)
3615 Avant JC (Rescue 911 A.D.)
Mefiez-vous de la Pierre Qui Dort (Now Museum � Now You Don't)

Unique Items

Obviously Phil has done many unique sketches and comics over the years. (Phil also has a habit of doing sketches on and signing dinner plates.) This is a list of some of the more interesting "one-offs" that have never been published so are not covered anywhere else in the Gallimaufry.

D'Arc Tangent #2 Cover

Before the PF and Freff partnership broke up, they had got as far as doing the cover artwork for issue #2 of D'Arc Tangent.

"Free for all" and unused "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" Double spread

Ink and Gouache on illustration board
~14" wide x 5 5/8" tall.

As you can see when you compare this bit of artwork with the actual cards (below), the left hand side of this item was used for the "Free For All" card, but alternative art (also by Phil) was chosen for the "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" card. However, even this alternative was designed so that it could be placed along side to create a panoramic card.

GenCon '94 Artist Jam

Ink and Pencil(?) on 3 pieces of illustration board
~7.5' wide x 3.5' tall

This was a major piece of art done at GenCon in 1994. Over a dozen artists all did a bit and the end result was auctioned off on the last day of the con. The short troll with the club is by PF, the bird lady/angel is by Kaja.

Magic: The Gathering - Unglued Two

WoTC planned a second humorous card set back around 1999, but then Pokemon took off in a big way and it was postponed. When eventually a second set was produced none of Phil's original designs were used. (But he did get paid anyway.)

Aerobics Instructor

Now I Know My ABC's

(Once upon a time this painting had "an acetate overlay that showed the words being sucked out of the books and into the mage�s mouth which has since been lost." Phil's alternative title for the card, now more appropriate without the overlay, is "What?! Another Magic Rules Revision?! KILL ME!")

Rules Lawyer

End of Gallimaufry


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