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Con Related

Andon Award Certificate

1996? [Andon]

Chicon IV (The 40th World Science Fiction Convention)

Progress Report #1: May, 1981 [Chicon IV, Inc.] $?? Magazine (B/W)

Progress Report #2: Jul, 1981 [Chicon IV, Inc.] $?? Magazine (B/W)

Progress Report #3: Jan, 1982 [Chicon IV, Inc.] $?? Magazine (B/W)

Progress Report #4: May, 1982 [Chicon IV, Inc.] $?? Magazine (B/W)

Program Book: Sep, 1982 [Chicon IV, Inc.] $?? Magazine (B/W)

Convention Poster: ???, 1982 [???] $?? Poster (B/W)

More "Parks Private Investigations" comics (see Noreascon Two) with Roger Parks and Winslow. Progress Report #1 had a single page, the others a two page comic.

{I believe there was a 5th Progress report, but that it did not have a Roger Parks comic in it.}

{These comics are reproduced in the Yahoo Club: PhilnDixie.}

CapCon '84

1984 [???] $2.00 Program Book

Cover by PF.

Corpus Colossum

#0: 31 Jan, 1985 [Al Sirois] $1 Fanzine ~12pp

P6-8: Comic/Story "Terrestrial Terraforming Job #3202", by PF.

Dragon Con

Program Book with art by many Artists

1993 [???] $?? Book

1 Page? by PF.

1994 [???] $?? Book

Contains PF Biography (and art?)

Dragon Flight

1998 [???] $?? T-Shirt

Seattle-based con. {Art by PF and Kaja?}

"The Dark" Convention Book

"Artist Jam" with versions of "The Dark" by many artists. Designed to be taken to conventions and signed by each of the artists.

#2: Oct, 1993 [Contiüm Comics] $2.00 Comic (B/W) [4 pages colour] 32pp

P5: B/W Art by PF.

GenCon 2001

Program Book: 2001 [???] $??

Contains a cut-out button man, Jorgi from Girl Genius.

MacHack Conference

1992 [???] T-shirt

1993 [???] T-shirt

MapleCon 8

1986 [???] Program Book

Cover by PF.

MidAmeriCon (The 34th World Science Fiction Convention)

Progress Report 5: 1976 [Science Fiction Conventions of Kansas City, Inc.] $1.50 59pp

P10: Art on an ad for "The Capture" Coloring Book.
P21-25: "Phil Foglio's MidAmeriCon Funnies"

{Other progress reports possibly contain further cartoons.}

Minicom XXIX (Minneapolis Sci-Fi Convention)

Con Program: ???? [???] $N/A

Cover art, "Doc Evil's Ski Mountain" by PF.
The original art for this is missing! If you know any about its location, contact Studio Foglio.

MisCon 10 (Missoula Sci-Fi Convention)

Badge: 1995 [???] $N/A

Art by PF and Kaja Foglio.

Noreascon Two (The 38th World Science Fiction Convention)

Progress Report One: Dec, 1978 [Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.] $N/A Magazine (B/W) 32pp

Progress Report Two: May, 1979 [Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.] $N/A Magazine (B/W) 28pp

Progress Report Three: Nov, 1979 [Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.] $N/A Magazine (B/W) 44pp

Progress Report Four: Mar, 1980 [Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.] $N/A Magazine (B/W) 64pp

Program Book: Aug, 1980 [Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.] $N/A Magazine (B/W) 160pp ISBN:0-9603146-1-X

Each of these magazines has a one page comic by Phil on the last page, a five part "Parks Private Investigation" (also staring Winslow) which are really ads for support of Chicon IV (i.e. holding the convention in Chicago in 1982.)

{These comics are reproduced in the Yahoo Club: PhilnDixie.}

Origins '96 International Game Expo & Fair

Program Book: 1996 [Andon]

Cover by PF and Kaja Foglio.
Art officially titled "Dawn At The Night Bazaar"
(Bazaar by PF, Tiger by Kaja Foglio)

{Original Art purchasable at}

Artwork also reproduced on a badge (button), promoting the Studio Foglio web site.

San Diego Comic Convention

Aug, 1988 [San Diego Comic-Con Inc.] $N/A 112pp

P40: Single page cartoon of Bill and Barry, the Heterodyne Boys.

1990 [???] $2.00

"SD Graphic Babylon" - Adult's Only Artist Jam, one page by PF.

Sci-Con 6

Nov, 1984 [HaRoSFA] $?? Program Book

Cover: Art by PF. [Includes picture of D'Arc Tangent.]
P18-19: Ink blots by PF, with resulting psychological profile.
P10-12: Biography of PF by Kay Reynolds.

SunCon (The 35th World Science Fiction Convention)

1977 [Worldcon] $N/A Programme Book

P44: "The Legion of Space" by PF.

Toronto Star Trek '76

Programme Book for the first Canadian Star Trek Convention

1976 [Fenris Limited] $N/A Programme Book 24pp

P4-10: A Phil Foglio Folio - "Phil's answer to 'A Star Trek Portfolio'. Dedicated to Kelly Freas."
Inside Back Cover: Art by PF for "Dorsai Irregulars Ltd."


Inaugural Convention, 2004

2003 [UberCon LLC] $N/A Programme Book 32pp

Cover and incidental art by PF, who was also a guest of honour at the convention.


The University of Rochester Science Fiction Society

III: 25 Sep, 1981 [???] Program Book

Cover art by PF.

IV: 24 Sep, 1982 [???] Program Book

PF was Art Guest this year. Program contained reprint of "Winslow" from MA! #5, and possibly other art.


1976 T-shirt

{Taken from (c) Marshall Kirk McKusick

"The following story of the origin of the tenth anniversary Usenix T-shirt was related by Mike O'Brien, who was living in Chicago in 1976 when this story begins. Also living in Chicago was comic artist Phil Foglio, whose star was just beginning to rise. At that time Mike was a bonded locksmith. Phil's roommate had unexpectedly split town, and he was the only one who knew the combination to the wall safe in their apartment. This apartment was the only one Mike had ever seen that had a wall safe, but it sure did have one, and Phil had stuff locked in there. Mike didn't hold out much hope, since safes were far beyond his locksmithing sphere of competence, but he figured ``no guts, no glory'' so he told Phil that he would give it a whack. In return, Mike requested T-shirt art. Phil readily agreed.

Wonder of wonders, this safe was vulnerable to the same algorithm to which Master locks used to be susceptible. Mike opened it after about 15 minutes of manipulation. It was his greatest moment as a locksmith and Phil was overjoyed. Mike went down to his lab and shot some Polaroid snaps of the PDP-11 system on which he was running UNIX at the time, and gave them to Phil with some descriptions of the visual puns he wanted: pipes, demons with forks running along the pipes, a "bit bucket" named /dev/null, all that.

What Phil came up with is the artwork that graced the first decade's worth of "UNIX T-shirts", which were made by a Ma-and-Pa operation in a Chicago suburb. They turned out transfer art using a 3M color copier in their basement. Hence, the PDP-11 is reversed (the tape drives are backward), but since Phil left off the front panel, this error was hard to detect. His trademark signature was photo-reversed, but was recopied by the T-shirt people and "re-forwardized,"--which is why it looks a little funny compared to his real signature.

Dozens and dozens of these shirts were produced. Bell Labs alone accounted for an order of something like 200 for a big picnic. Each attendee at the June 1985 summer conference held in Portland, Oregon received one of these shirts. However, only four REAL originals were produced: these four have a distinctive red collar and sleeve cuff. One went to Ken, one to Dennis, one to Mike, and one to Mike's then-wife (Mike has two shirts now). Ken and Dennis were presented with their shirts at the Urbana conference.

People ordered these shirts direct from the Chicago couple. Many years later, when Mike was living in LA, he got a call from Armando Stettner, then at DEC, asking about that now-famous artwork. Mike told him that he had not talked to the Illinois T-shirt makers in years. At Armando's request Mike called them up. They had folded the operation years ago and were within days of discarding all the old artwork. Mike requested its return, and duly received it back in the mail. It looked strange, in its original form -- the mirror image of the image on the shirts with which everyone else was now familiar.

Mike sent the artwork to Armando, who wanted to give it to the Ultrix marketing people. They came out with the Ultrix poster that showed a nice shiny Ultrix machine contrasted with the chewing-gum-and-string PDP-11 UNIX with which people were familiar. They still have the artwork, as far as Mike knows.

About 1 year after Usenix produced the Portland conference T-shirts, they paid Phil for the artwork. Thus, Usenix currently holds title to the copyright.}



Journal of "Jyvääskylän Science Fiction Society 42"

Vol.5 #9: Jan, 1994 [Jyväskylän Science Fiction Society 42] $N/A ISSN 1236-0449

Issue also goes by the name "The Hound of #42"
Cover: Art by PF.
P3-6: Interview with PF by Otto Mäkelä, including lots of art work.
P18: Art by PF.
Rear Cover: Art by PF.


Vol. 2 #63: Apr, 1975 [???] $??

Spot interior art by PF.

¡Ay, Chingar!

#5: Aug, 1976 [Larry Downes] $?? 18pp{21-38}

Cover and spot art on p29 by PF.

Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History, 1967-1987

By Joan Marie Verba

1996 [FTL Publications] $12.95 Book 100pp ISBN:0-9653575-0-3

As well as being an excellent resource on early Trek culture, this book has details of Phil's work in some early Fanzines. No actual art is reproduced.

{Available for purchase from the author.


FTL Publications
PO Box 1363
Minnetonka  MN  55345-0363
United States of America}

The Capture Coloring Book

WorldCon Fanzine

1976 [boojums Press] Fanzine 28pp

This is essentially a reproduction of the "The Capture" multimedia show, written by Robert Asprin and illustrated by PF. (See below.)

The Centaurs Gatherum Newsletter

Fanzine of Centaurs and related creatures, mostly by artists for artists. {Contributor/membership list is a bit of a who's who, actually.}

#8: Jun, 1987 [Edward Pegg Jr] $Free Fanzine 24pp

Cover by PF, titled "Cheap Date".

#13 May, 1998 [Edward Pegg Jr] $2 Fanzine 52pp

P11: Small clip from PSmIth.

#14 Aug, 1998 [Edward Pegg Jr] $1 Fanzine 32pp

P10: Small sketch by PF at bottom of page.

CFA-APA (Comic & Fantasy Art - Amateur Press Association)

Self-published journal with circulation around 50 copies.

#52: Aug, 2000 [CFA-APA] $N/A Spiral-bound Fanzine 248pp

Best Artists of the Eighties & Nineties issue

PF is Ethan Roberts' nomination for best humorous artist (along with Humberto Ramos.) Ethan gives a run-down of Phil's work and includes a sketch of Orgasam Lass.

#53: Jun, 2001 [CFA-APA] $N/A Spiral-bound Fanzine 241pp

Those Wacky Cartoonists issue

"And Men Shall Call Him... Phil!": Interview with PF by R. Gary Land. (8 Pages)

Challenging Destiny

#4: Oct, 1998 [Crystalline Sphere Publishing] $6.50 Fanzine

Contains Turnabout by Nicholas Pollotta & Phil Foglio, illustrated by Kristy L. Razo


Canadian Science Fiction fanzine ("Do Not Quote")

#16: 1979 [Victoria Vayne & Taral Wayne] Fanzine

Some art by PF.

Effen Essef

Fantasy and Science Fiction Fanzine

Editors: Chip Bestler & Phil Foglio

#1: ???, 1975 [Galacticon Enterprises] $1 Fanzine ???pp

#2: Oct, 1975 [Galacticon Enterprises] $1 Fanzine 74pp

#3: Apr, 1976 [Galacticon Enterprises] $1 Fanzine 74pp

Art and articles by Phil scattered throughout.

Cover of #1 & #3 by PF.

The 14th Alternative

The Midwest Journal of Speculative Fiction

#1 Spring, 1990 [Gate VI Publishing] $3.50

P24-25: Art for The Incredibly Civil War (Prose by Nick Pollotta) by PF.

From Parts Unknown

Mexican Wrestling Fan Magazine

#1.1: Fall, 1996 [Unknown Publications] $2.95 32pp

P23: Pinup by PF of a masked wrestler.

The Frying Pan

1986-?? [Scott McCloud] Fanzine

I don't know how many issues there was of this Fanzine, nor what years it covered exactly. (Issue #5 was 1987.) It was a "professionals fanzine", very limited in distribution to fellow contributors only. Members included Rickey Shanklin, William Messner-Loebs, Stephen R. Bissette, B.C. Boyer, Michael T. Gilbert, Peter Laird, Scott McCloud, Valentino, Brian Buniak, Michael Dooney, Matt Feazell, Larry Marder, Joshua Quagmire, Scott Saavedra, DonaldSimpson, John K. Snyder III, Mark Wheatley, Colleen Doran, Kevin Eastman, Phil Foglio, Jack Herman, Los Bros. Hernandez, Wendy Pini, Rick Veitch, Reed Waller, Bill Willingham and Kurt Busiek.
By implication, something by Phil must have appeared in there somewhere.

The Hole in the Deck Gang Newsletter

Star Trek Fanzine

1974 [boojums Press?] Newsletter

There were six issues of this one page newsletter published in 1974, for which Phil did the art for some, if not all issues. A further 6 issues we published the following year, but Phil's contribution, if any, is unknown.


Star Trek Fanzine

#1: Jul, 1975 [Connie Faddis] $2.85 Fanzine 98pp

P3: 'Drunk Spock' cartoon by PF.


Sci-Fi Fanzine

#1: Feb, 1975 [Phantasmicom Press] $1.25 Fanzine 60pp

P18, 57: Cartoons of aliens by PF
{300 copies made.}

#2: May, 1975 [Phantasmicom Press] $1.25 Fanzine 60pp

PP31, 43, 48: Spot art by "Philip Foglio".
{300 copies made.}


#14: Dec, 1975 [Mike Bracken] $1.00 Fanzine 58pp

Inside of Front and Back Covers: Art by PF.

#15: Mar, 1976 [Mike Bracken] $1.25 Fanzine 72pp

P4: Full page art by PF.
Inside back Cover: "Phil" appears in a comic by Al Sirois in what appears to be an "Artist Duel".


Sci-Fi Fanzine

#12: Sep, 1975 [Phantasmicom Press] $0.35 Fanzine ~25pp

Cover/Contents Page art by "Philip Foglio".

Low Orbit

Vol2, #47: Summer, 1992 [???] $2.50 Fanzine

P7-12: Interview with PF, including some reproduced art.

Masiform D

Adult-themed Star Trek Fanzine

#7: 30 Jul, 1978 [Poison Pen Press] $1.50 Fanzine 90pp

Back cover by PF.

"The bacover is a rough sketch of a picture published in Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar, 5th ed. Copyright (c) May 1976 boojums press. Reprinted by permission of boojums and the Artist"

#12: 1 Feb, 1982 [Poison Pen Press] $3.75 Fanzine 108pp

Back cover by PF.


Star Trek Fanzine

#4: c.1974 [boojums Press] Fanzine

Cover by PF.
P0: "Welcome to the staff"
P13: "A Foglio Folio"
Miscellaneous art scattered throughout.

#5: Feb,1975 [boojums Press] Fanzine 22pp

Cover and rear cover by PF.
Miscellaneous art throughout.

Also known as "Vol 2. No. 1"

#6: 1975 [boojums Press] Fanzine

Cover by Doug Rice, Screens by PF.
"Artist Duel" between Todd Blake and PF.
Miscellaneous art throughout.

#9: Mar, 1976 [boojums Press] Fanzine

P9, 10, 12, 13: Art by PF.
Inside back cover: The "Artist Duel" continues!

#10: Aug, 1976 [boojums Press] Fanzine

P10, 11, 14: Art by PF

#11: Feb, 1977 [boojums Press] Fanzine 35pp

Illustrations for "Wedding Party 6" by PF.

#12: Aug, 1975 [boojums Press] Fanzine

P7: Art by PF

#14: 1975 [boojums Press] Fanzine

Rear cover by PF and Doug Rice

#15: ???, ??? [boojums Press] Fanzine

Cover by PF.

#16: Jan, 1980 [boojums Press] Fanzine

Illustrations for one story by PF.

#17: 1981 [boojums Press] Fanzine

Cover by PF.
P14-15: "Menagerie and I", a comic strip by PF about how Fanzine artistry won him two Hugo Awards.
P22-29: "Kalamenagerie" by Paula Smith. Art by PF.

Myth Adventures Fan Club

Myth Information!

#1: Fall, 1985 [WaRP Graphics] $1 Fanzine 10pp

Cover: Art by PF.
P4: "Foglio's Folio", a short "about the artist" piece, by PF and Bob Asprin. Some small pictures of Growf at the bottom of the page (and scattered throughout the issue.).
P7: "The Woof Writers", art from Myth-ing Persons, by PF.
Back Cover: Reproduces front cover art, but smaller.

#2: Winter, 1985 [WaRP Graphics] $1 Fanzine 14pp

P2, 3, 12: Art reproduced from the comic, by PF.

{In this issue it was revealed that Phil would not being doing the art after issue 8 of Myth Adventures! (he wanted to concentrate on other projects like getting D'Arc Tangent going again), and Valentino is introduced to the readers. Later issues of Myth Information! (I have up to #4) continue to mention Phil as readers are obviously interested in finding out what he is up to (and we get told about things like his other work for Donning/Starblaze) but there is no new art.}

Charter Card

Limited edition run of 500, numbered and signed by PF.
Art by PF.

Membership Card

 Art by PF.

{Features Growf!}

Name Badge Card

 Art by PF.

New Settlement of Old Scores, A

"A collection of topical songs and filksongs especially compiled for Constellation, the 41st Annual World Science Fiction Convention"

By John Brunner

1983 [Brunner Fact & Fiction Limited/The NESFA Press] Perfect Bound Book 67pp ISBN:0-915368-22-6

1983 [Brunner Fact & Fiction Limited/The NESFA Press] Spiral Bound Book 67pp ISBN:0-915368-26-9

P60: Drawing by PF

The New York and Chicago Strektaculars!

Jul, 1976 [boojums Press] $1.00 Fanzine 27pp

A story in comic book form about the almost-disasters at the Cons mentioned in the title, drawn and mostly written by PF, lettering by Doug Rice, Lyrics by Ann Passovoy.

{"The Chicago Report first appeared in October 1975 EFFEN ESSEF"}


Star Trek Fanzine (of "naughty stuff")

#2: Aug, 1977 [T'Kuhtian Press] $3.50 Fanzine 100pp

P72, 74, 76: Illustrations to "Up For The Honeymoon!" by PF.


"The Eclectic Fanzine"

#21/22: 1975? [Bill Bowers]

Spot art by PF.

{Double cover, so front and back are shown to the right.}

#24: 1975 [Bill Bowers] $?? Fanzine 32pp

Spot art by PF.

#25: 1975 [Bill Bowers]

Spot art by PF.

#27: 1st Qtr, 1976 [Bill Bowers] $1.50 Fanzine 44pp {Volume 7, Number 1}

"Sixth Anniversary Issue"
P1021, 1045: Spot art by PF.

#28/29: 13 Oct, 1976 [Bill Bowers] $2.50 64pp{1103-1166} {Volume 7, Numbers 3 & 4}

P1124, 1142: Spot art by PF.


Star Wars Fanzine

Pegasus III: 1978 [???] Fanzine ~150pp

Pegasus IV Vol. 1: 1979 [???] Fanzine ~150pp

Pegasus IV Vol. 2: 1979 [???] Fanzine ~150pp

Reportedly contain "a couple of minor sketches by Phil Foglio."


#12: Apr, 1978 [Jeff & Carol Duntemann] $?? Fanzine 24pp

Cover: Art by PF
Rear Cover: Sketch by PF


Spock focused Star Trek fanzine

Vol. 1, #1: 1975 [Carol Ann Lee & Vicki E. James] Fanzine 146pp

Some art by PF.

II: 1975 [Carol Ann Lee & Vicki E. James] $3.75 Fanzine 116pp

P28: Spot art by PF.

{Note: There was also an unrelated general SF fanzine/magazine of the same name published from 1981.}


Science Fiction fanzine

#64: 1978 [???] Fanzine 68pp

Some art by PF.


"The international newszine of conflict simulation"

#141: ???, 1978 [???]

Two page war gaming cartoon by PF.

{This comic is reproduced in the Yahoo Club: PhilnDixie.}

The Spanish Inquisition

#10: Aug, 1977 [Jerry Kaufman, Suzanne Tompkins] $0.50 Fanzine 58pp

PP32, 35, 37: Spot art by PF.
P34: Drawing of Phil by Stu Shiffman.

{Phil possibly did art is other issues. Issue 10 was the last issue.}


Spring, 1976 [The Starwind Press] $?? Fanzine

Full page illustration by PF

Star Trek Primer: A Child's Garden of Space

Mar, 1975 [Harcourt, Mudd & World/boojums Press] $0.50 Fanzine 15pp

Written by Paula Smith. Illustrated by PF.

Reprinted: May, 1975 and October, 1975.


"Mature Reader" Furry Fanzine

#2: ???, 1994 [Mailbox Books] $6.00 Fanzine

P21: R-rated entry by PF.

{There have been several reprintings of this fanzine.}

Tesseract Science Fiction

Science Fiction Fanzine/Magazine

Volume II, Number 1: Fall, 1978 [Tesseract, Inc.] $?? Fanzine/Magazine

Cover by PF.

Tom Digby Along Fantasy Way

Collection of poems, stories, anecdotes and filk songs by Tom Digby, originally published for the 1993 WorldCon in San Francisco. See for more info.

1993 [Lee Gold] $5.00 Fanzine 58pp

Cover, P14 & P53 feature art by PF. (There are also 7 pages with art by Kaja Foglio nee Murphy.)

{Still "in print" and available for purchase from:

Lee Gold


3965 Alla Road
Los Angeles, CA 90066
United States}


#1: Summer, 1982 [???] $?? Fanzine

p24: Art by PF.

Warped Space

#8: Apr, 1976 [T'Kuhtian Press] $2.00 Fanzine 30pp

Some interior art by PF.

#11: ???, 1976 [T'Kuhtian Press] $2.00 Fanzine

Some interior art by PF.

#22: 20 Dec, 1976 [T'Kuhtian Press] $2.00 Fanzine 70pp

Cover, PP5, 7, 8, 9, 11: Illustrations by PF with V.M.Wyman for The Lethargical Conclusion.

#42: Sep, 1979 [T'Kuhtian Press] $?? Fanzine

Some interior art by PF.

Other Fanzines

{Many uncatalogued entries, covering art for various science-fiction fanzines, from 1973 to 1979. To quote Phil: "We're talking hundreds of pictures for about as many publications. The person who first manages to compile a complete bibliography of these works will be duly crowned King." How am I going, Phil?}

Films/Videos, Radio Plays and Theatre

The Capture

A multimedia presentation (live performance and slide show) of a story about aliens capturing a SF Con's inhabitants

1974 [{Amateur}] Multimedia

Written by Robert (Bob) Asprin
Art (colour slides) by PF.
Performed by Asprin and PF?

Nominated for a Hugo Ward (Best Dramatic Presentation) in 1975.

Comic Book: The Movie

2004 [Creative Light Entertainment/Timely Studios/Miramax] $?? DVD

PF apparently makes an appearance, playing himself, in a cut scene available in the 2nd DVD's extra features.
IMDB Link:

Dr. Who and The Hunger of the Croutons

30 minute Dr. Who satire

???? [{Amateur}] Video

Written by - Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio
Starring - Nick Pollotta, Phil Foglio
Video editing - Nick Pollotta
Additional video camera work - Duncan Eagleson
Audio editing - Ceclia Cosentini

Einstein and Carstairs - Explorers of the Unknown

???? [{Amateur}] Radio Play

Created by Phil Foglio
Episode #1, written by - Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio.

Girl Genius Radio Theatre

Performed at various Comic/Sci-Fi Conventions. Released as MP3s on the web.

#1: 28 Nov 2005 [{Amateur}] Radio Play "Minor Heroes Part 1"

#2:  6 Dec 2005 [{Amateur}] Radio Play "Minor Heroes Part 2"

#3: 15 Dec 2005 [{Amateur}] Radio Play "Minor Heroes Part 3"

#4: 22 Dec 2005 [{Amateur}] Radio Play "Sleepy Clank Part 1"

#5: 29 Dec 2005 [{Amateur}] Radio Play "Sleepy Clank Part 2"

#6: 27 Jan 1006 [{Amateur}] Radio Play "Sleepy Clank Part 3"

Kaja Foglio -- Agatha
Phil Foglio -- Krosp/Dr. Bonefish/The Clank
Savannah Goodwin -- Zeetha/Squibbs/Jenka
Cheyenne Wright -- Othar/Announcer

{Dates are release dates of the MP3 files, not the date of the performances. All MP3 recordings from "Norwescon 28".}


???? [???] Poster


The Man Between

Short film by James Earnst

2003 [Cheapass Games] $16.95 DVD

PF is once again relegated to being a DVD "extra feature" after his scene is cut.

Msr. Boo-Ga, Defender of the Crown

Not your ordinary dead, headless, fighting chicken

???? [{Amateur}] Radio Play

Created by Nick Pollotta
Episode #1, written by - Nick Pollotta, Phil Foglio, Sue Johnson and Scott Benson
Episode #2, written by - Nick Pollotta
Episode #3, written by - Nick Pollotta
Episode #4, written by - Nick Pollotta

The Nick and Phil Show

Stand-up comedy performed at SF conventions by Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio

???? [{Amateur}] Theatre

All material written by Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio.

The Radio Adventures of Phil A. Delphia - Fannish Secret Agent 86

???? [{Amateur}] Radio Play

All 28 episodes written by and starring - Nick Pollotta
Cast - Nick Pollotta, Phil Foglio, Sue Johnson, Scott Benson and countless assorted Guest Stars.
{Originally created to promote the 'Philly in '86 WorldCon Bid Committee'}

Video Pirates From Mars

???? [???] Film


You Say Yamato

30 minute StarBlazers satire

???? [{Amateur}] Video

Written by - Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio
Created, edited by - Nick Pollotta
Starring - Phil Foglio, Nick Pollotta

The Zanti Misfits

a.k.a "The Gunderson Corporation" Sketch Comedy Troupe

???? [{Amateur}] Theatre

Over two hundred SF convention performances!

Most sketches written by Nick Pollotta.
Additional material by Phil Foglio, Sue Johnson, Scott Benson.

Manuals and Corporate Work

Bankette Automatic Teller User's Manual

???? [BANKCOM] Manual

Beatnik Turtle - The Cheapass Album

"Songs About or Inspired by Cheapass Games"

2004 [Beatnik Turtle] $7.50 CD

Cover art by PF.


1983? [Starside Engineering] Manual


Screen Dump utility for MS/PC-DOS 1.1/2.0?

1983? [Starside Engineering] Manual

Nowhere Fancy, Inc.

???? [????] Menu

{Restaurant in Chicago}


1983? [Starside Engineering] Manual

XUM Newsletter (Xerox Ann Arbor)

??? [Xerox] $N/A Newsletter

Robert Asprin got Phil to do a 2½ page comic strip for the first issue of the staff newsletter.


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