The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry (Part 3)

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Minor Works, Covers, One-offs, and Compilation Appearances
(Basically stuff where Phil didn't do practically everything to do with the publication.)
(Alphabetically, by publication title)

Amazing Heroes

#115: 15 Apr, 1987 [Fantagraphics Books] $3.00 Comic (B/W) ISSN:0745-6506

"Swimsuit Issue!"

P19: Dynamo Joe characters (co-drawn with Doug Rice)
P20: Buck Godot and friends at the beach.

#127: Oct, 1987 [Fantagraphics Books] $2.50 Comic (B/W)

Cover with Buck Godot and other characters, plus a brief interview with Phil inside as part of the Starblaze Graphics article.

#138: 1 Apr, 1988 [Fantagraphics] $3.50 Comic (B/W) 114pp

"2nd Annual Swimsuit Issue"
P85: "Angel and the Ape" cartoon by PF

#164: 1 May, 1989 [Fantagraphics] $4.95 Comic (B/W) 146pp

P37: The Inferior Five
P111:A Distant Soil joke.

{This is the 3rd Annual Swimsuit Issue.

"Stanley and His Monster" (p74) is by Ty Templeton, not PF.}

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special

#2: 1991 [Fantagraphics] $6.95 Comic (B/W) 154pp

P32: XXXenophile #5 Cast Party
P62: D'Arc Tangent and Avari T
P89: Wonder Wart-Hog
{This is the 5th Annual Swimsuit Issue.}

#3: Jun, 1992 [Fantagraphics] $7.95 Comic (B/W) 154pp

P68, Nyx, from Stanley And His Monster, by PF

{This is the 6th Annual Swimsuit Issue.}

The Best Of The Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special

Reprints selected illustrations from Amazing Heroes #115, 138 & 164 {but on nicer paper!}

Apr, 1993 [Fantagraphics] $12.95 Comic (B/W) 92pp ISBN:1-56097-090-1

P27: "Angel and the Ape" cartoon {reprinted from #138.}


#587: Oct, 1993 [TSR] $3.95 Magazine (Colour) 96pp ISSN:1058-0751 {Volume 68, Number 7)

Illustration for "Jimi Plays Dead" by PF. Story by Bruce Bethke.

The Artists' Asylum 1992 Calendar

1991 [Artists' Asylum Press] $3.50 Calendar

Cover and November by PF. (Art is the same, but is Silver on Black on the cover, and black on red inside.)

Also silhouette image in "free days" of November.

Asimov's Choice: Dark Stars and Dragons

(See also "Issac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine".)

Compilation of stories from "Issac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine"?

1978 [Dale Books] $??? Paperback Book 223pp ISBN: 0895590662

Some interior art by PF.

Contents: Editorial by Isaac Asimov; The Last Full Measure by George Alec Effinger; The Voyage of the Bagel by Martin Gardner; Piece de Resistance by Jesse Bone; Polly Plus by Randall Garrett; Wolf Tracks by Donald Gaither; Guilt by James Gunn; A Choice of Weapons by Michael Tennenbaum; Star Train by Drew Mendelson; The Man Who Took the Fifth by Michael Schimmel; Born Again by Sharon N. Farber; A Child of Penzance by Tony Sarowitz; Lipidleggin by F. Paul Wilson; and Singularity by Mildred Downey Broxon.

Beauty of the Beasts

Anthropomorphic swimsuit series

#1: May, 1992 [Mu Press] $2.50 Comic (B/W) 32pp

P18: "The Call to Hounds" by PF.

{P14: Art by Kaja Foglio nee Murphy}

#2: Jul, 1993 [Mu Press] $2.50 Comic (B/W) 32pp

P30: Advertisement for Buck Godot {The Gallimaufry}

Big Book of Thugs, The

1986 [Factoid Books (DC)] ??? Trade Paperback (B/W)

1996 [Paradox Press] ??? Trade Paperback (B/W) ISBN:1-56389-285-5

P133: "Black Jack Ketchem" by PF.

Big Book of Urban Legends, The

???? [Factoid Books (DC)] ??? Trade Paperback (B/W)

1994 [Paradox Press] ??? Trade Paperback (B/W) ISBN:1-56389-165-4

P107: "The Sawed-Off Fingers"/"The Severed Hand"???, by PF

Book of Erotic Fantasy

Nov, 2003 [Valar Project, Inc.] $34.95 Hardcover 192pp VLP001 ISBN:0-9742045-1-X

Contains a 1-page "What's New" comic by PF covering the topic of... Sex and D&D. (Of course.)

Bureau 13: Stalking The Night Fantastic

"Supernatural Role Playing in the Dark Future"

1990 [Tri-Tac Systems] $N/A Book 192pp TTS #3001

1992 [Tri-Tac Systems] $N/A Book 192pp TTS #3001 [Updated Ed.]

2001 [Tri-Tac Systems] $14.95 CD-ROM TTG #3092CD

Cover art by PF.

{Art is also reproduced in the "Convention Support Pack" PDF.
For more information, visit

Chainmail Girl 2002 Convention Calendar

Aug, 2001 [Twisted Fate Productions] $11.99 Calendar CMGCC2002

Art for August, "Oooh, Shiny",  done by PF.
Also, Von Pinn (from Girl Genius) is in an ad for Cheapass Games in September.

{Kaja Foglio does the art for May.
See for more information and purchasing details.}

Classics Desecrated

Aesop's Desecrated Morals #1

(a.k.a. Classics Desecrated Special Vol. 2 #1)

1993 [Magnecom/Rip Off Press] $2.95 28pp

P7: "The Dog and his Bone", by PF and Doug Wheeler.

{There is also a "Special Ashcan Preview Edition #1" of this comic which has some subtle differences to the final version in places, but none to do with PF's entry.}

Classics Desecrated

Edited by: Doug Wheeler & Terry Nantier

1996 [NBM] $8.95 Trade Paperback 68pp ISBN:1-56163-131-0

Reprints PF's work from "Aesop's Desecrated Morals" (see above).

Comics Scene

#18: Feb, 1991 [Starlog Commuications International] $3.95 Magazine 70pp

P58: "Gorilla My Dreams", Interview by Patrick Daniel O'Neil covering Phil's 'Angel and the Ape' mini-series.

Complete Guide to Role-Playing Games

By Rick Swan

1990 [St. Martin's Press] Paperback ISBN:0-31205-060-7

Cover by PF

Critturs: Hairballs from Hell

Winter, 1992 [Mu Press] $2.50 Comic (B/W)

Cover by PF

D'Arc Tangent

Comic series of 16 issues that was never completed.

Writing: Phil Foglio & Freff
Art: Phil Foglio & Freff

#1: March, 1983 [ffantasy ffactory] $2.00 Magazine Comic (B/W) 48pp

20,000 copies printed.
Actual release date shown above. (Printed date inside cover wrong due to missed deadline.)

A perhaps more accurate set of credits has been suggested as:
   Layouts: Phil Foglio & Freff
   Pencils: Freff, Phil Foglio, & Lucie Chin
   Inks: Freff
   Screens: Phil Foglio

{This was meant to be a series, but "artistic differences" meant it ended after only one issue. Phil and Freff did get as far as doing the cover of Issue #2 (see section 9), 16 finished pages and 30 pencilled and lettered but uninked pages.

Eventually the whole status of the project was decided in court, with the various bits of intellectual property being divided up. Phil retained the rights to do a comic book, but only using ideas that were originally his. Freff retained the novel rights and was working on a screenplay adaptation. As of yet, nothing has surfaced for public consumption.}

Dealer's Choice

"The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker"

By James Ernest, Phil Foglio & Mike Selinker
Illustrations by Phil Foglio

3 May, 2005 [Overlook Duckworth] $11.95 Book 240pp ISBN:1-58567-654-3

Various short comics and spot art though out the book.

Dreamery, The

#5: Aug, 1987 [Eclipse] $2.00 Comic (B/W) 36pp

PP27-29: "Time Release" story and art by PF.

Dressed for Success

Story & Art: Chris Howard & Jeff Wasson

Vol. #1: Feb, 1995 [Egesta] $12.00 Trade Paperback (304pp) ISBN: 1-896379-00-1

"The Dirty Baker's Dozen" Collection of Issues 1 to 13 of 'Dressed for Success'.

P296: Pinup/Sketch of the main characters by PF

Days of The Dragon Calendars

Days of The Dragon 1980 Calendar

1979 [TSR] $6.50 13 Month Calendar

Art for June by PF.
{Thumbnails of artwork and calendar's cover shown.}

Days of The Dragon 1981 Calendar

1980 [TSR] $7.00 13 Month Calendar

"Directions" (April) art by PF.

{Thumbnail is of artwork, not the calendar's cover.}

Days of The Dragon 1982 Calendar

1981 [Dragon Publishing/TSR] $5.95 13 Month Calendar ISBN:0-935696-74-1

"Black Dragon" (March) done by PF.

{Thumbnail is of artwork, not the calendar's cover.}

Dork Tower

Swimsuit Special #1: Jan, 2001 [Dork Storm Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W)

P24: Picture of 'Gilly, the Perky Goth' by PF.

Collected #3: May, 2002 [Dork Storm Press] $15.95 Trade Paperback 160pp

P132: Reprint of Swimsuit Special #1's artwork.
P138: Reprint of Phil's version of Dork Tower from Dragon Annual #5

#25: Dec, 2003 [Dork Storm Press] $?? Comic

Inside Rear Cover: Picture of 'Gilly, the Perky Goth' reclining on a gargoyle by PF.

Dr. Minkenstein

#0: ???, 2005 [Mu Press] $2.95 Comic

Cover by PF. Interior the same as Wild! #13, i.e. written by Chris Lightfoot with art by Phil Foglio & SS Crompton.

Dragon Magazine

See also the Dragon Magazine Archive under the What's New? heading in Part 1.

#25: May, 1979 [TSR] $2.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume II, Number 2}


{Alien In A Strange Land - Not official title}

#32: Dec, 1979 [TSR] $2.50 Magazine (Colour) {Volume IV, Number 6}


{When Miniatures Attack - Not official title}

#35: Mar, 1980 [TSR] $2.50 Magazine (Colour) {Volume IV, Number 9}

Cover - "Snowmen of Doom"

#44: Dec, 1980 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume V, Number 6}


{Food Fight - Not official title}

#48: Apr, 1981 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume V, Number 10}

Cover - "Close - but no cigar"

{Won 1st prize at the Boskone SF/Fantasy Art Show.}

#56: Dec, 1981 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume VI, Number 6}

Cover - "The Critic"

#60: Apr, 1982 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume VI, Number 10}

P52-53, 'Artist Of The Month': Dragons by Numbers {Not official title}

{Thumbnail is of artwork, not magazine cover.}

#62: Jun, 1982 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume VI, Number 12}

P5: 'Our Full Blown Dragon Issue' - "Inflato The Magnificent"

{Thumbnail is of artwork, not magazine cover.}

#63: Jul, 1982 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume VII, Number 1}

P61: 'One Of These Days'

{D&D For Computers - Not official title}

{The Warrior Robot in this picture is a little reminiscent of D'arc Tangent.}

#96: Apr, 1983 [TSR] $3.00 Magazine (Colour) {Volume IX, Number 11}

P45: Has AD&D stats for the What's New? Dragon, by Matt Legare, and a single graphic by Phil.

#282: Apr, 2000 [WotC] $5.99 Magazine (Colour) {Volume XXV, Number 11}

Cover {Magic Mirror Repairs - not official title}

P4: Reproduction of cover, but without all the banners.

{Drag your eyes away from that G-String and note the "What's New Dragon" in jar, the "Dork Tower" Cap, and the fact that the "Gamer Gurl" is wearing a "Button Man".}

P96: Character Portraits

{Obviously not your average sort of portraits though! These portraits were reproduced on the WotC website for a time.}


Annual #5: Dec, 2000 [WotC] $5.99 Magazine (Colour)

P38: "Dork Tower" drawn by PF.
P114: "What's New" drawn by Aaron Williams (The author of "Nodwick")

{So to complete the cycle:
P88: "Nodwick" is drawn by John Kovalic (The author of "Dork Tower".)}

The Art Of Dragon Magazine

Editor: Jean Blashfield

Jan, 1988 [TSR] $16.95 Book (Colour) 128pp ISBN:0-88038-537-5

Contains all the Dragon Magazine covers from the first 10 years, plus some other pieces, so you will get copies of Phil's Dragon Magazine covers in this collection, up to issue #56.

P116: Cover to issue #25, "An Alien in a Strange Land" (¼ page size)
P122-123: Covers to issues #44, #48, #56, #35 & #32 (¼ page size)
P126: "Inflato the Magnificent", from #62 (full page size)

The Art Of Dragon Magazine (2007)

"30 Years of the World's Greatest Fantasy Art"

Jan, 2007 [Paizo Publishing] $34.95 hardcover Book (Colour) 160pp ISBN:978-0977677863

A collection of Dragon Magazine art, covers and internal artwork.

P98: "Snowmen of Doom" and "Close - But No Cigar" covers.

Duelist, The

See also What's New? Series 2 in Part 1 of the Gallimaufry.

#2: Summer, 1994 [WotC] $3.50 Magazine (Colour) WOC7502 {Volume 1, Issue 2)

Inside Front Cover: Art for WotC Customer Service Line

#3: Fall, 1994 [WotC] $3.50 Magazine (Colour) WOC7503 {Volume 1, Issue 3)

P43: photo of the Artist's Jam collage from GenCon '94, which included art from PF and Kaja Foglio.

#5: ???, 1995 [WotC] $3.95 Magazine (Colour) WOC7505 {Volume 2, Issue 2}

P12: Mishra's Factory cards reproduced.
P16a (tear-out page): Snowfall card reproduced.

#30: Oct, 1998 [WotC] $4.95 Magazine (Colour) WOC7530 {Volume 5, Issue 10}

Cover by PF, using the name Claymore J. Flapdoodle.
P4: About our Contributors contains highly suspect artist info.
P24: Goblin Bookie card by PF.
P63-64: Psychic Network and Free-For-All cards by PF.

#31:Nov, 1998 [WotC] $4.95 Magazine (Colour) WOC7531 {Volume 5, Issue 11}

P40,42: Incidental art.


#9: Dec, 1983 [First] $1.00 Comic (Colour)

"Buck Godot in The Gauntlet" (1 Page)

{Copyright Phil Foglio and John J. Buckley Jr. (The "inspiration" for Buck.)}

{A scanned copy of this is currently available on the Studio Foglio web site in the March '99 Big Book o' Fun.}

Electronic Games Magazine

Vol.2 #16: Nov, 1984 [Reese Communications] $2.95 Magazine 90pp ISSN: 0730-6687

P33, 52: Spot art by PF. (Miscredited as "Phil Faglio" on P6!)

Fantastic Films

#3: Aug, 1978 [???] $?? Magazine

PF did a piece of artwork for the story "The UFO Menace" by Woody Allen.


#6: Nov, 1987 [Eclipse] $2.00 Comic (B/W)

"Station Break" Backup Story pencilled by Phil Foglio}


Anthology comic with work from various independent publishers.

???, 1994? [??] $N/A Comic (B/W) 32pp

PP1-4: "Buck Godot: Field Of Screams" story by PF.

{The original art for the comic is now missing! Contact Studio Foglio if you can help.}

{Cover art shows back and front covers, since they're almost interchangeable.}

{"Everything, for once, by Phil Foglio (C) '94"}

Goblin World: Player's Handbook, Live-Action Role-Playing Rules

by Brian Reddington-Wilde and Mark Perneta
Illustrated by Phil Foglio, Jonathan Hunt, Lisa Hunt, Cline A. Siegenthaler, Nene Thomas

1995 [Goblintooth Enterprises] $?? Spiral-bound Book ISBN:0-911169-00-8

Golden Gate & Other Stories

Collection of short stories by R.A. Lafferty
Art by Phil Foglio, Kenneth Smith, Freff, Joan Hanke-Woods, Doug Rice, Todd Hamilton

Dec, 1982 [Corroboree Press] $N/A First Ed. Hardcover ISBN:0-911169-00-8

P21: Colour drawing by PF. {Note "Phil" in bottom-right corner}
P82: B&W drawing by PF.
P220: B&W drawing by PF.

{First Edition was limited to 1000 signed copies. There may be other editions available.(?)}


Regular magazine of adult comics strips and articles.

#90: Nov, 1992 [Jabberwocky Graphix] $5.00 Comic (B/W) 36pp

P7-10: "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" (4 pages) by PF. Inks and Lettering by Brad Foster.


"Munden's Bar" backup story done by Phil on a number of occasions.

#15: Oct, 1985 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic

"Music, Music, Music"  (8 Pages)

Writing and Art: Phil Foglio
Inks: Duncan Eagleson
Colouring: Linda Lessman
Lettering: Steve Haynie

{"Phil" makes an appearance.}

#23: Jun, 1986 [First Comics] $1.25 Comic

"Love Me Tender, Love Me Dew" (8 Pages)

Writing and Art: Phil Foglio
Inks: Rick Taylor
Colouring: Rick Taylor
Lettering: Steve Haynie

{"Phil" makes an appearance.
Winslow Spotting: Page 5, protecting the modesty of a horned (and horny) lady.}

#40: Nov, 1987 [First Comics] $1.75 Comic

"Bill & Barry - The Heterodyne Boys/Work Ethic" (8 Pages)

Writing and Art: Phil Foglio
Inks and Colouring: Julie Ann Sczesny
Lettering: Ken Holewczynski

{A scanned version of this is available on the Studio Foglio web site.}

Munden's Bar

Collection of "Munden's Bar" backup stories.

Vol. 1: Nov, 2007 [IDW Publishing] $19.99 Trade Paperback 112pp ISBN:978-160010130-4

pp87-94: Reprint of "Music, Music, Music", from Grimjack #15.


GURPS: Girl Genius

Written by Kaja Foglio and Michelle Barrett

2007(TBC) [Steve Jackson Games] $?? Hardcover ??pp ISBN:1-55634-653-0

Cover art by PF.
Interior art by PF and Kaja Foglio.


RPG set in "Illuminati University"

Written by: Elizabeth McCoy and Walter Milliken

1995 [Steve Jackson Games] $19.95 Trade Paperback 128pp

2000 [Steve Jackson Games] $19.95 Trade Paperback 128pp

Cover art by PF.
Interior art by PF and Kaja Foglio.

{Winslow Spotting: On Phil's shoulder on Page 11, where you can also spot Agatha Clay/Heterodyne.}

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor

Compilation of stories by Harlan Ellison, but interpreted and adapted by various artists.

Special #1: Feb, 1995 [Dark Horse] $?? Trade Paperback (Colour)

Special #1: Aug, 1995 [Dark Horse] $?? Trade Paperback (Colour) {Reprint}

P34-44: "If This Be Utopia"
Written by: Phil Foglio, Harlan Ellison
Art by: Phil Foglio
Inks by: Matt Howarth
Colours by: Marcus David
Lettering by: Sean Konot

{Reprints are slightly different, but not when it comes to the story by PF. The story "If This Be Utopia" first appeared in Fantastic, December 1957 under the pseudonym E.K. Jarvis}

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor, Vol. 1

Compilation edition, of the Special and issues 1 to 5 of the original comic book series.

Oct, 1996 [Dark Horse] $18.96 Trade Paperback (Colour) 192pp ISBN:1-56971-210-7

Oct, 1996 [Dark Horse] $??? Limited Ed. Hardcover (Colour) 192pp ISBN:1-56971-197-6

P38-47: Reprint of "If This Be Utopia"
Hardcover limited to 750 numbered and signed (by Harlan Ellison) copies.


Collection of short stories.

By Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson

Oct, 1983 [Wallaby/Simon & Schuster] $8.95 Paperback 219pp ISBN:0-671-43021-1

Jun, 1984 [Tor] $?? Paperback ??pp ISBN: 0-812-53567-7

Art for "The Napoleon Crime" story by PF.
P156: Note "Doug's Rice" store, Darth Vader and Fozzie Bear in the crowd, a Hoka dressed as Buck Godot, and numerous other pop-culture references.
PP166, 188, 197, 212: More pictures, but no more "hidden" bits.

{PF is incorrectly credited inside the book as having also done the cover artwork. The back cover correctly credits the cover to Michael R. Whelan and Walker Brothers. But possibly Phil did do the cover artwork for the hardcover edition, and this is how the error was spawned? Anybody own a copy of the hard cover?}

Images of Omaha

#1: 1992 [Kitchen Sink Comix] $3.95 Comic (B/W) 44pp

P34: One page comic, "Your Own Private Omaha" by PF

{I believe the two parts of this series were also collected into a single volume later.}

InQuest: The Gaming Magazine

#33: Jan, 1998 [Wizard Press/Gareb Shamus Enterprises Ltd.] $3.99 Magazine ISSN:1081-924x

P7: Letter from Phil advocating WotC counter-suing religious fundamentalists. {Way to go, Phil!}
P36-37: Art for four fake M:TG cards.

#38: Jun, 1998  [Wizard Press/Gareb Shamus Enterprises Ltd.] $3.99 Magazine ISSN:1081-924x

P16: Art for card creation "Flabbergasted".
P62-63: Art for Serra Angel and Bayushi Kachiko as part of "Schwing!" (Inquest Swimsuit Issue)

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

(See also "Asimov's Choice".)

May-Jun, 1978 [Davis Publications] $1.25 Magazine 192pp

Some interior art by PF.

Jan, 1979 [Davis Publications] $1.25 Magazine 192pp

Some interior art by PF.

#24: Feb, 1980 [Davis Publications] $1.25 Magazine 178pp ISSN:0162-2188 {Vol. 4 No. 2}

P128: Illustration for "A Little Incorrectness".

{There are possibly other issues of this magazine circa 1978-1980 with illustrations by PF.}

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Anthology

Vol2: Fall/Winter, 1979 [Davis Publications] $2.25 288pp

P217: Illustration for "The Castaways"

Just Imagine Comics & Stories

#2: Summer, 1982 [Just Imagine Graphix] $1.50 Comic (B/W)

Cover art.
P22-27: Buck Godot: "The Sun Gem Thief" (not official title.)

{Strip is Copyright 1980.}

#3: 1982 [Just Imagine Grafix] $1.50 Comic (B/W) p?

P1-13: Buck Godot: "The Kuppelian Heir" (not official title.)

{Only 1500 copies printed?}

#5: Spring, 1983 [Just Imagine Graphix] $1.50 Comic (B/W)

P11-18: Buck Godot: "The Goods Pickup" (not official title)

#8: Winter, 1984 [Just Imagine Graphix] $1.50 Comic (B/W)

Cover art shows several Buck Godot characters, but the actual art was by Doug Rice (???).
P1-9: Buck Godot Story: "The Ostrow Boys" (not official title). Designs by PF. Story by John J Buckley, Jr. Pencils by Doug Rice.

#11: Fall, 1984 [Just Imagine Graphix] $1.50 Comic (B/W)

P31: Buck and Al used in ad for Bananaman. Art by J. Brozman.

Just Imagine Special

#1: 1986 [Just Imagine Graphix] $?? Comic (B/W)

Cover by PF

{This may in fact be referring to "Mildly Microwaved Pre-Pubescent Kung-Fu Gophers", which is listed as a "Just Imagine Special' on the cover, and is from the same year. Can anyone confirm?}

The Klingon™ Hamlet

Prepared by The Klingon™ Language Institute
Restored by Nick Nicholas and Andrew Strader

Feb, 2000 [Pocket Books] $11.95 Paperback 219pp ISBN:0-671-03578-9

Cover by Phil Foglio

{Originally published 1996 by the Klingon Language Institute}

Love, Sal

By Sal Iacopelli

Humorous story covering the gay S&M scene.

Sep, 2000 [Grass Stain Press] $13.95 Paperback 184pp ISBN:1-890159-24-7

Cover and interior illustrations by PF.

{P3: Bookshelf has a couple of PF references: "XXXenophile" and "Leonard and Larry" (A gay comic strip published by Palliard Press.}

The Making of the Trek Conventions

"Or, How to throw a party for 12,000 of your most intimate friends"

By Joan Winston

1977 [Doubleday] $7.95 Hardcover 252pp ISBN:0-385-13112-7

1979 [Playboy Press] $?? Paperback 286pp?

P36a, 60a, 84b, 108c, 132d, 156d, 180b, 204c: Reprints cartoons from The New York and Chicago Strecktaculars! {Note that pages with photos/cartoons are not actually numbered, so I have taken the preceding page number then lettered the subsequent pages.}

{This may be the first appearance of Phil's work in non-fan-published work.}

Mildly Microwaved Pre-Pubescent Kung-Fu Gophers

#1: Jul, 1986 [Just Imagine Grafix] $?? Comic (B/W) 32pp

"Just Imagine Special"

Cover and back cover (wrap around) by PF.

Myth Adventures

By Robert Lynn Asprin

Donning/Starblaze published a number of the books in this series in a large paperback (13.5cm x 21.5cm) format with covers and interior illustrations by PF. After a decade, Meisha Merlin Publishing continued the tradition. After they went bust, publishing moved to Wildside Press. NB: All the "Myth Adventures" books have also be reprinted by Ace and sometimes other publishers as well, but these editions do not have any art by Phil included.

Another Fine Myth

1985 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Hardcover 161pp ISBN:0-89865-383-5 {Blue leatherette and silver embossing, dust jacket}

1985 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Paperback 161pp ISBN:0-91544-254-X

1985 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Limited Ed. 161pp ISBN:0-89865-383-7 {Hardcover, Red leatherette and gold embossing}

{Only second edition or later had Phil's art. First edition art by Frank Kelly Freas.}

Myth Directions

1982 [Donning/Starblaze] $6.95 Paperback 169pp ISBN:0-89865-250-2 {SB22}

Hit or Myth

1983 [Donning/Starblaze] $6.95 Paperback ISBN:0-89865-331-2 {SB33}

{Hardcover ISBN:0-89865-340-1?}

{Growf spotting: P83}

Myth-ing Persons

1984 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Hardcover 170pp ISBN:0-89865-380-0

1984 [Donning/Starblaze] $7.95 Paperback 170pp ISBN:0-89865-379-7 {SB37}

1984 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Limited Ed. 170pp ISBN:0-89865-381-9

{Limited Edition was hardcover red leatherette with gold embossing in a slipcase, signed by Asprin & PF. Only 1200 copies produced.}

Little Myth Marker

1985 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Hardcover 172pp ISBN:0-89865-411-4

1985 [Donning/Starblaze] $7.95 Paperback 172pp ISBN:0-89865-413-0 {SB44}

1985 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Limited Ed. 172pp ISBN:0-89865-418-1

{Hardcover was in blue leatherette with gold embossing and had a dust jacket.
Limited Edition was hardcover red leatherette with gold embossing in a slipcase, signed by Asprin & PF. Only 1200 copies produced.}

M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

1986 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Hardcover 150pp ISBN:0-89865-471-8

1986 [Donning/Starblaze] $7.95 Paperback 150pp ISBN:0-89865-472-6 {SB45}

1986 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Limited Ed. 150pp ISBN:0-89865-470-X

Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections

1987 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Hardcover 189pp ISBN:0-89865-540-4

1987 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Paperback 189pp ISBN:0-89865-529-3 {SB65}

1987 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Limited Ed. 189pp ISBN:0-89865-530-7

{Limited Edition was hardcover with slipcase, signed by Asprin & PF, only 1200 copies produced.}

M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action

1990 [Donning/Starblaze] $40.95 Limited Ed. ISBN:0-89865-788-1

1990 [Donning/Starblaze] $8.95 Paperback ISBN:0-89865-787-3

{Limited Edition was in hardcover red leatherette with gold embossing in a slipcase, signed by Asprin & PF, only 1200 copies produced.}

{Growf spotting: P228}

Sweet Myth-tery of Life

1994 [Donning/Starblaze] $8.95 Paperback 160pp ISBN:0-89865-858-6

1994 [Donning/Starblaze] $?? Limited Ed. 175pp ISBN:0-89865-859-4

{Limited Edition was hardcover red leatherette with gold embossing in a slipcase, signed by Asprin, only 325 copies produced.}

Myth-taken Identity

By Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye

7 Sep, 2004 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $14.95 Paperback 294pp ISBN:1-59222-029-0

7 Sep, 2004 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $?? Hardcover 296pp ISBN:1-59222-030-4

Cover and interior spot art by PF.

Class Dis-mythed

By Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye

25 Sep, 2005 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $14.95 Paperback 300pp ISBN:1-59222-092-4

30 Sep, 2005 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $24,95 Hardcover 300pp ISBN:1-59222-091-6

Cover and interior spot art by PF.

Myth-gotten Gains

By Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye

11 Oct, 2006 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $14.95 Paperback 388pp ISBN:1-59222-105-X

25 Sep, 2006 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $24.95 Hardcover 388pp ISBN:1-59222-104-1

Cover and interior spot art by PF.


By Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye

24 Mar, 2008 [Wildside Press] $14.95 Paperback 288pp ISBN:0-80957-277-X

???, 2008 [Wildside Press] $??? Hardcover 288pp ISBN:0-80957-278-8

Cover by PF, coloured by Cheyenne Wright. {NB: No interior illustrations}


Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures

By Robert Asprin

Vol. 1: July, 2006 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $24.95 Paperback 880pp ISBN:1-59222-111-4

Vol. 1: July, 2006 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $39.95 Hardcover 880pp ISBN:1-59222-110-6

Cover and interior spot art by PF. (Contains some new interior art over previous editions.)

Reprints Another Fine Myth, Myth Conceptions, Myth Directions, Hit or Myth, Mything Persons, and Little Myth Marker.

Vol. 2: Jan, 2007 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $24.95 Paperback 880pp ISBN:1-59222-113-0

Vol. 2: Jan, 2007 [Meisha Merlin Publishing] $39.95 Hardcover 880pp ISBN:1-59222-112-2

Cover and interior spot art by PF.

Reprints M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link, Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections, M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action, Sweet Myth-tery of Life, Myth-ion Improbable, and Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.


Volume 3: Apr, 2006 [Blueshift Studios] $12.95 Trade Paperback 132pp ISBN:0-9726936-0-4

P123-132: Bonus 10 page story drawn by PF and lettered by Kaja. {Also has an introduction by Kaja.}

See for some sketches done for this story.


#2: ???, 1993 [Anarchy] $2.50 Comic (B/W)

Sketch of "Jonni" on inside cover by PF

Available for purchase from{Link Dead}

Nintendo Sticker Activity Album

1989 [Diamond/Nintendo] $0.59 ???

{If anybody has more info on this item I'd love to know.}


#10: Oct, 2001 [Dork Storm Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W) {DSP 110}

P25: Single panel drawn by Phil as Nodwick ventures through parallel universes.

Collection #2: Jun, 2002 [Dork Storm Press] $N/A Trade Paperback ISBN:1-930964-81-1 {DSP 1012}

"The Nodwick Chronicles II -  Of Gods And Henchmen"
P103: Single panel, reprint of story from issue #10 above.

Off the Wall at Callahan's

By Spider Robinson
"A Tom Doherty Associates book"
A science fiction book about Bars and other drinking establishments.

1994 [TOR] $?? Paperback 158pp ISBN:0-31285-661-X

1994 [TOR] $?? Paperback (Acid Free Paper) 158pp 0-31285-661-X

{Art by PF}

101 Other Uses for a Condom

By Glenn Hauman

"Artist Jam" work

Dec, 1991 [Apple Press] $5.95 Comic (B/W) 48pp ISBN:0-927203-05-7

Cover and entry #19 by PF

Our Story Thus Far

#2: 1985 [Jabberwocky Graphix] $3.00 Small Comic (B/W) 56pp

"Artist Jam" story with one page (p55) by PF.

Planet 24

Jul, 2003 [Studio Foglio] $5.00 Small Comic (B/W) 24pp

Story created as part of the "Spawns of Insomnia" project, part of a Cartoonists Northwest event held on June 28th & 29th, 2003, where artists had to create a 24 page comic in a 24 hour period..

Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur

#5: Jun, 1991 [Mu Press] $2.25 Comic (B/W) 28pp ISSN:1048-8448

Cover art by PF

Robotech Art 2

"New Illustrations & Original Art from The Robotech Universe."

Edited by Kay Reynolds

1987 [Donning/Starblaze Editions] $?? Limited Ed. ISBN:0-89865-527-7

1987 [Donning/Starblaze Editions] $12.95 Paperback ISBN:0-89865-417-3

P20: Comic by PF
P125: Self-portrait by PF for his "About the Artists" entry.
P132-3: Covers for Buck Godot and Myth Adventures Two in Starblaze catalog.

{Limited Edition of 1200 was hardcover red leatherette in a slipcase, signed by (Kay Reynolds?).}

Robotic Hornet

Children's book and model to assemble.

by Clive Gifford

10 Jan, 2005 [Silver Dolphin Books] $17.95 Paperback (in Box) 32pp ISBN:1-59223-212-4

P8-9: Single illustration, "Art by Machine", by PF.

Scud, The Disposable Assassin

#17: ???, 1987 [Fire Man Press] $2.95 Comic (B/W) 32pp

P31: Drawing of Scud and his sidekick by PF

{This issue has also been collected in a Scud graphic novel, of which I have no details and I don't know if Phil's art was reproduced.}

{Side note: The top of P3 has a bit of a "who's who" of old comics from Dragon, with Wormy, Snarf, Fineous Fingers et. al.}

Secret Origins

#48: Apr, 1990 [DC] $1.75 Comic

Section on "Stanley And His Monster", writing and art by PF. (8 Pages)

Sex Life on the Planet Mars

"Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps Vol. 10"

By Frederic Brown
Introduction by Charles Willeford.

1986 [Dennis McMillan Publications] $?? Paperback 190pp

1986 [Dennis McMillan Publications] $?? Hardcover 190pp

1986 [Dennis McMillan Publications] $?? Limited Ed. Hardcover 190pp

Wrap-around dust jacket art by PF. {Not sure about front board and endpapers.}
{Not 100% sure paperback and/or regular hardcover actually exist.}
Limited Edition has red cloth w/ gold lettering & gold illustration stamped to front board, decorated endpapers. Limited to 400 copies. Signed and numbered by Charles Willeford. {Copies of this get sold at over US$1000.}

Shanda the Panda

Story by: Mike Curtis
Art by: Michele Light
Inks by: Mark Barnard

#5: Aug, 1994 [Antarctic Press] $2.75 Comic (B/W) 32pp

Cover art by PF. Print run of 2500.

Sluggy Freelance

Web comic, by Peter Abrams

22 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

23 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

24 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

25 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

26 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

27 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

28 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

22 June, 2003 [Peter Abrams] $N/A Web Comic Link

"Filler week" guest art and story by PF. Colouring by Joe Sunday.

Starlog Magazine

#64: Nov, 1982 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $3.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 98pp

P70: Illustrations (four multi-panel comics) for "The Lighter Side of Summer Cinema - Part 2".

#79: Feb, 1984 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P32: Illustration for "Byting into the Tree of Knowledge".

#85: Aug, 1984 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P33: Illustration for "Acknowledging the Elephant".

#89: Dec, 1984 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P25: Illustration for "Why the Answer Has to Be 'No'".

#91: Feb, 1985 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P15: Illustration for "Adventures in Rhyme and Space".

#93: Apr, 1985 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P40: Illustration for "GLOP II".

#98: Sep, 1985 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P??: Illustration.

#99: Oct, 1985 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P69: Illustration for "Is There a Household Robot in Your Future?".

#101: Dec, 1985 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $2.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 70pp

P15: Illustration for "Hail and Farewell".

#108: Jul, 1986 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $3.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 100pp

P??: "From Book to Film".

#120: Jul, 1987 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $3.95 Magazine (Colour) 98pp

p55: "Star Wars Stories" strip by PF.


{Also in other issues circa 1980 to 1984?}

The Best of Starlog

Vol. 5: ???, 1984 [O'Quinn Studios, Inc.] $3.95 Magazine (B/W & Colour) 98pp

P71: 4 panel cartoon  as part of "A Cartoonists' Guide to the 'Return of the Jedi'".


By Joan Winston

1979 [Playboy Press] Paperback ISBN:0872165795

A number of Star Trek cartoons are by PF.

A Sternbach - Foglio Portfolio

Sep, 1978 [PghLange X] $?? Art Portfolio 25pp

Collection of artwork on loose pages by Rick Sternbach and PF. Limited Edition of 300 copies. Phil's work that is reproduced is:
"Shootout at the Keebler Plant"
"Stage Wars"
"Well, if You're Going to be like That, TAKE the Goddamn Women!"
"Legion of Space"
"The Derelict" (3 Pages)
"Once, in a Blue Moon"

Swank Magazine

Oct, 1981 [???] $?? Magazine

Jan, 1982 [???] $?? Magazine

Feb, 1982 [???] $?? Magazine

Mar, 1982 [???] $?? Magazine

Apr, 1982 [???] $?? Magazine

May, 1982 [???] $?? Magazine

Oct, 1982 [???] $?? Magazine

{Also in other issues circa 1980-1982?}

Sweat From the Artist's Brow

1987 [Donning/Starblaze] Trade Paperback?

{Small sample of Phil's work included.}


Collection of short stories by Randall Garrett

1986 [Donning/Starblaze] $7.95 Trade Paperback 247pp SB10 ISBN:0-915442-84-1 {Second Edition}

Cover by PF. {Interior art by (Frank) Kelly Freas.}
{Note that the first edition (1979) had cover artwork also by Frank Kelly Freas.}

Takeoff Too!

By Randall Garrett

Mar, 1987 [Donning/Starblaze] Trade Paperback 311pp ISBN:0-89865-455-6

Cover (and interior illustrations?) by PF.

Those Annoying Post Bros.

#15: Jul, 1989 [Vortex Comics] $2.00 Comic (B/W)

p18-20: Phil does the art for  "Enterprising Boys"

Very MU Christmas, A

#1: Nov, 1992 [Mu Press] $2.95 Comic 44pp MUPUBS#177

Cover art by PF

{Artwork is quite different from Phil's normal style. Very interesting...}

What The?

#2: Sep, 1988 [Marvel] $1.25 Comic (Colour)

"The Secret Unsuspected Sanctum Sancyouverymuch of Doctor Deranged" story art by PF.

{Winslow Spotting: Under "Phil's" arm on Page 2. (Along with almost any number of other cameos by comic book characters.}

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe

#26: Apr, 1987 [DC] $1.00 Comic (Colour)

P22: Angel and The Ape, art by PF.

{Not in issue #25, as has been reported in other lists.}

Who's Who in the DC Universe

#1: Aug, 1990 [DC] $4.95 Oversized Comic (Colour) 54pp

{Section on Stanley and His Monster, script and pencils by PF. (2 pages)}

#4: Nov, 1990 [DC] $4.95 Oversized Comic (Colour) 52pp

{Section on Plastic Man, script by PF. (2 pages)}

#10: Jun, 1991 [DC] $4.95 Oversized Comic (Colour) 52pp

{Section on Angel and The Ape, script and pencils by PF. 2 pages}


#13: ???, 2005 [Mu Press] $3.75 Comic

Cover by SS Crompton, written by Chris Lightfoot with art by Phil Foglio & SS Crompton.

{Reprinted in Dr. Minkenstein #0}

Zero Gravity Freefall

#2: Sep, 1995 [Lake Retreat Publishing] $3.95 Magazine 60pp

Illustrations for "Obsolete Obscenity" by PF and Kaja Foglio. Story by Barbara Malenky.


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