The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry (Part 4)

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Trading Card Games
(Alphabetically, by game title, then chronologically)

Age of Heroes

1997 [Renegade Mage Games]

Demon Imp

Battlelords of the 23rd Century

Sometimes referred to as just "Battlelords".

1995 [New Millennium]

Black Market
Bounty Hunter
Loan Shark
Loan Shark Busted
Locate Missing Person
Mind Strangle
Slave License
Thwack'em Stick


A collectable "throwing chip" game.

{I list the Colour-Faction/Type/Rarity for each chip.}

Base Set

2005 [Hidden City Games]

Flight Leader Isa (Yellow-Dragons/Troop/Rare)
Home-Guard Squire (Purple-Centaurs/Troop/Uncommon)
Hording Dragon (Yellow-Dragons/Troop/Common)
Kaboomer (Orange-Goblins/Troop/Uncommon)
Supreme Annoyer (Orange-Goblins/Troop/Common)
Swill Station (Orange-Goblin/Base/Common)

Magic: The Gathering

{Rarity designation from WotC's official lists. A number after the rarity means that that card appears that many times on the print sheet.

All cards are also available as "white back" proof cards, which would have been limited to 50 copies of each card, though apparently for the "Antiquities" cards there were many more.}


Mar, 1994 [WotC]

Mishra's Factory, Autumn {Land/Uncommon 1}
Mishra's Factory, Spring {Land/Common 1}
Mishra's Factory, Summer {Land/Uncommon 1}
Mishra's Factory, Winter {Land/Uncommon 1}

{All co-drawn with Kaja Foglio.}


Jun, 1994 [WotC]

Avoid Fate {Green/Common 1}
Cleanse {White/Rare 1}
Gaseous Form {Blue/Common 1}

Greed {Black/Rare 1}
Killer Bees {Green/Rare 1}
Mirror Universe {Artifact/Rare 1}
 {This card can also be found as an oversized promo.}

Presence of the Master {White/Uncommon 1}
Ramirez DePietro {Multicolour/Uncommon 1}

Fallen Empires

Nov, 1994 [WotC]

Basal Thrull (v. 3) {Black/Common 1}
Conch Horn {Artifact/Uncommon 1}
Farrelite Priest {White/Uncommon 3}

Goblin Chirurgeon (v. 3) {Red/Common 1}
Icatian Scout (v. 2) {White/Common 1}

Fourth Edition

Apr, 1995 [WotC]

Gaseous Form {Blue/Common 1}
Greed {Black/Rare 1}
Killer Bees {Green/Uncommon 1}
Mishra's Factory {Land/Uncommon 1} {with Kaja Foglio}

Ice Age

Jun, 1995 [WotC]

Anarchy {Red/Uncommon 1}
Breath of Dreams {Blue/Uncommon 1}
Cooperation {White/Common 1}

Fyndhorn Pollen {Green/Rare 1}
Imposing Visage {Red/Common 1}
Infernal Darkness {Black/Rare 1}

Lure {Green/Uncommon 1}
Orcish Librarian {Red/Rare 1}
Runed Arch {Artifact/Rare 1}

Snowfall {Blue/Common 1}
Sulfurous Springs {Land/Rare 1}
Sunstone {Artifact/Uncommon 1}
White Scarab {White/Uncommon 1}


Jun, 1996 [WotC]

Browse {Blue/Uncommon 2}
Unlikely Alliance {White/Uncommon 2}

Fifth Edition

Mar, 1997 [WotC]

Goblin Digging Team {Red/Common}
Goblin King {Red/Rare}
Killer Bees {Green/Uncommon}


May, 1997 [WotC]

Bee Sting {Green/Uncommon}
Cloud Pirates {Blue/Common}
Command of Unsummoning {Blue/Uncommon}
Prosperity {Blue/Rare}
Taunt {Blue/Rare}


Jun, 1997 [WotC]

Apathy {Blue/Common 1}
Redwood Treefolk {Green/Common 1}


Oct, 1997 [WotC]

Dream Cache {Blue/Common}
Frog Tongue {Green/Common}
Humility {White/Rare}

Master Decoy {White/Common}
Pit Imp {Black/Common}
Recycle {Green/Rare}

Portal Second Age

Jun, 1998 [WotC]

Bargain {White/Uncommon}
Sleight of Hand {Blue/Common}
Tidal Surge {Blue/Common}


Note that all cards are credited to Claymore J. Flapdoodle, not PF.

Aug, 1998 [WotC]

Double Play {Common}
Double Take {Common}
Elvish Impersonators {Common}

Free-for-All {Rare}
Goblin Bookie {Common}
I'm Rubber, You're Glue {Rare}

Jalum Grifter {Rare}
Psychic Network {Rare}
Urza's Science Fair Project {Uncommon}

{Note that Free-for-All and I'm Rubber, You're Glue "fit together".}

Classic Sixth Edition

Jul, 1999 [WotC] {Rerelease}

Browse {Blue/Uncommon}
Goblin Digging Team {Red/Common}
Goblin King {Red/Rare}
Greed {Black/Rare}

Timespiral Timeshifted

Sep, 2006 [WotC]

Avoid Fate {Green/Common}
Orcish Librarian {Red/Rare}

The Complete Encyclopedia of Magic: The Gathering

By Brian Tinsman

Oct, 2002 [Thunder's Mouth Press] Paperback $?? 720pp ISBN:1-56025-443-2

Lists (and shows) every M:TG card available (at the time of publication.) As such, it includes all the cards above.

{No doubt there are other similar books available, and other editions. I shan't try to list them all.}



1995 [Daedalus Games]

Ancestral Tomb {Very Common} {with Kaja Foglio}
Bull Market {Rare}
Charmed Life {Uncommon}
Monkey King {Uncommon}

Mr. X {Rare}
Shifting Loyalties {Rare}
Sinister Priest {Very Common}


1995 [Daedalus Games]

Foul Hatchling {Very Common}
Sung Hi {Rare}
Thunder Pagoda {Rare}


1996 [Daedalus Games]

Curio Shop {Common}
Virtuous Hood {Uncommon} {with Kaja Foglio}

Year of the Dragon

???? [Daedalus Games]

Curio Shop {Fixed}
Bull Market {Fixed}
Sinister Priest {Fixed}

Wildstorms: The Expandable Superhero Collectible Card Game

Image Universe Expansion

1996 [Wildstorm Productions]

Pest Control {Common}

(Part of the Gen13 Series 2 Base Set? Also known as "Anna")


Adult trading card game. 270 individual cards, no "rares".

Written by: Phil Foglio and James Earnst

Starter Pack: 1996 [Slag-Blah Entertainment] $9.95

60 random cards in a box with instructions/comic (a risqué "What's New" strip, to be precise.)

Starter Pack Display: 1996 [Slag-Blah Entertainment] $99.50

10 Starter Packs in a display stand.

Expansion Pack: 1996 [Slag-Blah Entertainment] $2.25 #SBE-004 ISBN:1-889061-03-4

15 random cards in a foil packet.

Expansion Pack Display: 1996 [Slag-Blah Entertainment] $54.00 #SBE-002 ISBN:1-889061-01-8

24 Expansion Packs in a display stand.

Proof Sheets: 1996 [Slag-Blah Entertainment] $100

3 sheets with every card in the set. Limited edition of 500, signed and numbered by PF.

Double Starter Set: 2002 [Warehouse 23] $14.95 SBE001

Contained 120 cards (8 expansion packs?) plus a copy of the instructions (without the comic.)

Double Starter Set: 2002 [Warehouse 23] $39.95 SBE002 ISBN:1-889061-01-8

Contained 360 cards (24 expansion packs?) plus a copy of the instructions (without the comic.)


Amorous Blob
Anemone Mine
Aphrodisiac of Lila

Asteroid Annie
Babe Magnet
Buffalo Gals

Cajun Hog-Eating Contest
Crop Circle Jerks {Credited to "Komar, King of the Voins"}
Deus Ex Machina Man

Earl of Sandwich
EEAAARRGH, Prehistoric God of Love {Credited to "The Old Wise One"}
Erotic Potato Prints

Greased Pig {Uncredited, but obviously Phil's work.}
Green Light District
Heroine of the Revolution {Credited to "Our Fearless Leader"}

High-Flyin' Dirigible of Love
Huge Organ
Iris Green, Gizmo Queen

Island of Lust Toys
Jerry Wa
Julie Ann Frye

Kublai Khan and Molly
Lazlo, Exhibitionist From Neptune
Le Petit Mort

Lost Temple of Hootcheeku
Milady's Chambers
My Gazebo on Ganymede

Nude Ranch {Credited to "The Big Cheese"}
Prizewinning Cucumber
Silicon Valley Girl

Sneevax, Cute But Evil Space Babe {Credited to "Generalissimo Jose. A. Foglio"}
The Cartoonist
The Little Engine That Could

Three-Way Bulb
'Zilla Suit

{There are also quite a few XXXenophile cards of characters originally drawn by Phil in the comic series, but drawn for the cards by other artists. Eg. Orgasm Lass, Blue Opal, etc.}


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