The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry (Part 6)

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Interviews & Reviews
(Alphabetically, by publication title)

Amazing Heroes

#38: 1 January, 1989 [Fantagraphics] $1.95 Comic (B/W)

Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini (WaRP Graphics) in which minor mention is made of D'Arc Tangent and Myth Adventures. There are two frames from Myth Adventures which, while they match the plotting of Phil's rendition, do not appear to be Phil's work and are credited only as being copyright Robert Asprin.

#127: Oct, 1987 [Fantagraphics Books] $2.50 Comic (B/W)

Cover with Buck Godot and other characters, plus an interview with Phil inside as part of the Starblaze Graphics story.

#151: 15 Oct, 1988 [Fantagraphics Books] $2.95 Comic (B/W) 82pp

Preview and interview with the creators of the new Plastic Man series, which PF of course scripted. (4 Pages)

#183: 15 Sep, 1990 [Fantagraphics Books] $??? Comic (B/W) ??pp

Review of XXXenophile. {Unconfirmed} Pulse

29 Nov 2002 [] $N/A Web Site

By Jennifer M. Contino

Comics F/X

#20: ??? [Mu Press] $1.75 Magazine (B/W) ISN:0898-3119

Cover: Art by PF
P2: Ad for "Demon" T-Shirt by PF, as sold by Asylum Press.
P6-11: Interview by Toivo Rovainen, interspersed with reprinted Art.
P11: Add for Palliard Press with art by PF

Comics Interview

#7: Jan, 1983 [Fictioneer] $1.95 Comic (B/W)

P7-17: Interview with Foglio and Freff about D'Arc Tangent
P34-35: Big ad for D'Arc Tangent

#23: ???, 1985 [Fictioneer] $2.25 Comic (B/W)

P7-18: Interview with PF about Myth Adventure and other projects..

Comics Scene

#18: Apr, 1991? [Starlog Communications International, Inc.] $1.95 Magazine (Colour)

P58-59,68: Interview with PF about Angel and The Ape


Dragon Magazine

#284: Jun, 2001 [WotC] $5.99 Magazine {Volume XXVI, Number 1}

P14: Two page interview with Phil.

Duelist, The

#13: Oct, 1996 [WotC] $4.95 Magazine (Colour) WOC7513 {Volume 3, Issue 5}

P82: Review of the XXXenophile Card Game. No art.

#22: Feb, 1998 [WotC] $4.95 Magazine (Colour) pp20 WOC7522 {Volume 5, Issue 2}

P8: About our Contributors gives a potted history of the great man.

#30: Oct, 1998 [WotC] $4.95 Magazine (Colour) WOC7530 {Volume 5, Issue 10}

P4: About our Contributors gives a highly suspect artist history of Claymore J. Flapdoodle..

Game Trade Magazine

#49: Mar, 2004 [???] $??? Magazine

Review of Greed Quest.

#62: May, 2005 [???] $??? Magazine

Review of SPANC.


1 May, 1998 [Heroes] $N/A Web Site

Interview taken by Gérard Morvan.

Note: This interview is in French! (Though it was originally given in English.)

Hoot Island

??? [Hoot Island] $N/A Web Site -> Hop In -> The Hoot Island Interviews -> Phil Foglio

Note, this is a "naughty" site. Only visit here if you're allowed to!

PF also drew the main logo for the web site.

HotWired: Club Wired

28 Jan, 1997 [Wired/Lycos] $N/A Web Site

This is a transcript of an Internet Chat session with PF.


#17: Sep, 1996 [Wizard Press/Gareb Shamus Enterprises Ltd.] $4.99 Magazine ISSN:1081-924x

P40-41: Review of XXXenophile Card Game by Rachel Barth. (Rated "Good" - 4 out of 6)

#54: Oct, 1999 [Wizard Press/Gareb Shamus Enterprises Ltd.] $4.99 Magazine ISSN:1081-924x

P56-58: "The Naked Truth - 14½ questions with fan favorite artist Phil Foglio" by Rachel Barth

{Issue had two cover variations.}


Magic Special #1: Oct, 1996 [Calliope Comics] $N/A 64pp

P13-17: Interview with PF, including draft drawings of Magic Cards.
P18-25: Interview with Kaja Foglio, including draft drawings of Magic Cards.

{Still available for purchase from}

Slice of SciFi

#110: 23 May, 2007 [Farpoint Media] $N/A Podcast

"Eisner Award nominated artists Phil and Kaja Foglio are guests on this week’s “Slice of SciFi”, giving us a run down on Girl Genius, a madcap, mad science romantic adventure comic with airships, and other projects they’re working on."


24 Dec, 2004 [Kurt Wilken] N/A Blog

Kurt Wilken discusses Alternative History comics
"The Alternate History Rag" []

3 Jan, 2005 [Kurt Wilken] N/A Blog

 Interview by Kurt Wilcken
"A Conversation with Phil Foglio" []

1 Apr, 2005 [Kurt Wilken] N/A Blog

Kurt Wilken discusses Girl Genius going online.
"Of Magic and Mad Science" []

White Wolf

#43: Mar?, 1994 [White Wolf Inc.] $3.50 Magazine 80pp ISSN:0897-9391

P11-12: Interview with PF by James A. Moore.

Writing Excuses

#28: 18 Aug, 2008 [N/A] $N/A Podcast

"Brandon, Dan, and Howard are joined by Phil and Kaja Foglio, and we discuss writing for webcomics… no, wait… writing for “sequential picture-assisted storytelling."


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