Winslow Sightings

Having appeared at the beginning of time, and being immortal, Winslow crops up in all sorts of odd places across the universe. Why It is where It is at any moment in time is always a question for argument. You could ask Winslow yourself, of course, but since It'll probably just say "Hi", you're not likely to find the answer there.

Here is a no-doubt-incomplete list of sightings of The Winslow throughout time and space:

{One day I'll try to revamp this page to be a canonical list of all the "in-jokes" to be found in Phil's work.}

Angel and the Ape #1 The name and logo of the restaurant where Angel and Athena go to lunch is Winslow's.
Buck Godot: The Gallimaufry Well, Winslow appears through-out this series, since for once he's a main player in the action! (Well, he doesn't actually *do* much, but there's a lot of action around him!)
Girl Genius #0 Running along with Phil on page 2.
Girl Genius #1 By Phil's feet on page 1.
Girl Genius #5 As a hand puppet version of "The Dragon King of Mars", on page 131.
Girl Genius: The Works (Game) Hanging out with "Philbert" (i.e. on his card.)
Gurps: I.O.U. You can spot Winslow on Phil's shoulder in the IOU yearbook on page 11.
Myth Adventures #2/(Myth Adventures One) Quigly's Magic Talisman has a very familiar look to it...
Myth Adventures #4/(Myth Adventures One) Part of Frumple's junk, thrown about while he searches for the D-Hopper.
Myth Adventures #5/(Myth Adventures Two) Escaping with a group of dragons from the dragon pens in the Bazaar on Deva. (This issue also has a 3 page Winslow-specific backup feature, which you can read here. Note it did not get reprinted in the Myth Adventures Two collection.)
Parks Private Investigations (Noreascon Two and Chicon IV) Here you will find Winslow working for Roger Parks, P.I. They also appeared on the poster for the Chicon IV convention.
Shadowfist Look very carefully in the Curio Shop window...
What's New (Dragon #75) "Captain Winslow" appears, fighting evil with his superhero friends, Radioman and Hazardman.
What's New (Dragon #76) Hiding out at "Sham Con V". (Check the bottom-right corner..)
What's New (Dragon #81) We find Winslow hanging out with a few dragon chums.
What's New (Dragon #271) For sale at the "What's Gnu" Familiars shop.
What's New? #1 In "Roll Models", he's one of Phil's many friends in the flat. (He also cleverly disguises himself as a plush toy on a sofa when Dixie pops her head in.)
XXXenophile Collection #6 Being roasted on a spit(!) on page 57.

As you can see, Winslow gets around a bit! This trait also appears to rub off on those around Winslow just a bit too much:

"Phil" (that is, cartoon Phil) has been seen inhabiting the What's New? universe, got into trouble (along with Dixie) in the Bazaar on Deva, worked for a while in Mundeen's Bar in the Grimjack universe, stopped for a drink with Buck Godot after his run in with The Teleporter, and has been seen telling stories to impressionable young children in Girl Genius. He was also in the very rare D'arc Tangent comic.
The What's New Dragon, also known has the Growf Dragon, furthermore known as That Bloody Thing also crops up all around the place, but this is a little less surprising, since it has the property of being able to produce replicants of itself just by getting wet, so there are probably quite a few of them out there. For an overview of this remarkable beast, go here.

Look for the Growf Dragon through-out the What's New? comics, in the Bazaar on Deeva (Again! But hey, it's that sort of place!), and in a jar on the cover of Dragon Magazine #282. (Though you'll have to check out the full cover image inside the magazine.)

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