List of all Albums:

First, here's all my KLF/Justified Ancients of Mu Mu/ etc. related stuff, or at least most of it. (Compilation appearances, etc. appear in the main body of the list.)

2K ***k The Millennium [Australian - Mushroom/Mute MUSH01691.2] CD Single 1997
***k The Millennium [Japanese - Blast/Mute TOCP-50386] CD Single 1997
Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The 1987 - What The Fuck's Going On? CD 1987
1987 - What The Fuck's Going On? 12" LP 1987
1987 - What The Fuck's Going On? [Bootleg] 12" LP 1987
1987 - What The Fuck's Going On? (+ live tracks) CD 1987
1987 (The JAMS 45 Edits) 12" LP 1987
All You Need Is Love (Me Ru Con Mix) 7" Single 1987
All You Need Is Love (Me Ru Con Mix) 12" Single 1987
Shag Times 2xLP 1988
Shag Times [Bootleg] 2xLP 1988
Shag Times CD 1988
The History of the JAMs a.k.a. The Timelords CD 1988
Who Killed The JAMS? 12" LP 1988
It's Grim Up North CD Single 1991
KLF, The History Of The JAMs CD 0
Ultra Rare Trax CD 0
What Time Is Love? 12" Single 0
Burn The Beat 12" Single 1988
Last Train To Trancentral 12" Single 1988
The White Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD-R 1988
Kylie Said To Jason CD Single 1989
What Time Is Love Story CD 1989
What Time Is Love Story 12" LP 1989
3 A.M. Eternal (Featuring The Children of the Revolution) CD Single 1990
Chill Out CD 1990
Chill Out 12" LP 1990
Madrugada Eterna (Club Mix) 12" Single 1990
Waiting CD-R 1990
What Time Is Love? CD Single 1990
3 A.M. Eternal CD Single 1991
3 A.M. Eternal (Special Remix) (Present The Moody Boys Selection) CD Single 1991
Justified And Ancient CD Single 1991
Last Train To Trancentral CD Single 1991
Last Train To Trancentral (Remix) (Meets The Moody Boys Uptown) CD Single 1991
MU CD Single 1991
The White Room [Australian - Liberation D 30561 (LP Mix of LTTT)] CD 1991
The White Room [Australian - Liberation D 30561 (Radio Mix of LTTT)] CD 1991
The White Room [Japanese - EMI TOCP-6743] CD 1991
The White Room/Justified & Ancient [US - Arista 07822-18707-2] 2xCD 1991
What Time Is Love? CD Single 1991
What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) CD Single 1991
America: What Time is Love? CD Single 1992
This Is What KLF Is About II 3xCD 1992
This Is What The KLF Is About I 3xCD 1992
The Lost Sounds of Mu CD 1996
The Lost Sounds Of Mu Vol. II CD 1997
Waiting For The Rites Of Mu CD 1997
Love Trance CD-R 2001
Remodelled & Remixed CD-R 2001
KLF, The / Timelords, The Doctorin' the Tardis CD Single 1989
Brilliant Kiss The Lips Of Life 12" LP 1986
Disco 2000 One Love Nation 12" Single 1988
Uptight 12" Single 1989
Drummond, Bill The Man CD 1990
Solid Gold Chartbusters I Wanna 1-2-1 With You CD Single 1999
Space Space [Bootleg] 12" LP 0
Space CD 1990
Timelords, The Doctorin' The Tardis [Picture Disc] 7" Single 1988
Doctorin' The Tardis (CD-Video) CD Single 1988

The rest of my collection, sorted by Artist:

Various Artists A Decade of Rare Hits 85-95 MP3 Album 0
All Time Greatest Pub Anthems MP3 Album 0
Blackadder's Christmas Carol CD 0
Classic Rare Hits Of The 70's 2xCD 0
Classic Rare Hits Of The 80's 2xCD 0
Psy-Harmonics Volume 4 - Out On The Full CD 0
Retro Disco 2xCD 0
Singles Compilation 1 CD-R 0
Synthesizer Greatest CD 0
Synthesizer Greatest Volume 2 CD 0
The 80's Mix CD 0
The Boys Are Back In Town 2xCD 0
Uncovered - The Classic Hits Of The 70s CD 0
Eternity - Project One 12" LP 1989
Energy DJ's In The House CD 1990
Rave On Video 1990
The Eighties Collection (Volume 1) 2xCD 1990
The Eighties Collection (Volume 2) 2xCD 1990
Deep Heat 10 - The Awakening 2xCD 1991
Give Peace A Dance 2xCD 1991
May 91 One 12" Single 1991
The Immaculate Mixes CD 1992
Video Games (Techno Versions) CD 1993
Young At Heart 4xCD 1993
London On The Line CD 1994
The Eighties Collection (Volume 3) 2xCD 1994
The Premier Collection Of Instrumental Hits 2xCD 1994
Zance (A Decade Of Dance From ZZT) CD 1994
Help CD 1995
One Hit Classics Of The 70's & 80's CD 1995
More One Hit Classics of the 70s and 80s 2xCD 1996
Rock The Vote CD 1996
The Greatest 80's No1 Hits Album 2xCD 1996
The Greatest Hits Of The 70's CD 1996
Triple M Unleashed 2xCD 1996
All Time Greatest One Hit Wonders CD 1997
Retro 70s & 80s - The Greatest Hits 2xCD 1997
Shakenand Stirred - The David Arnold James Bond Project CD 1997
We Are Not Devo CD 1997
Dance Club Retro (Volume 1) New Romantic CD 1998
Dance Club Retro (Volume 2) Disco CD 1998
Dance Club Retro (Volume 3) Pop Hits CD 1998
Dance Club Retro (Volume 4) Pop Beats CD 1998
Good Vibrations - A Concert For Marc Hunter 2xCD 1998
Mushroom 25 Live Highlights CD 1998
Psy Harmoics - Psychic Harmony 2xCD 1998
The Calippo Collection 2xCD 1998
The Comedy Album - Make 'Em Laugh 2xCD 1998
The Mushroom Story: The Hits of the Eighties (Volume 2) 2xCD 1998
The One And Only 80's Album 2xCD 1998
Worlds Best Ever Beer Songs 2xCD 1998
Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) The Sunscreen Song (Class of '99) CD Single 1999
Other Enz - Split Enz & Beyond 2xCD 1999
The Songs of Duran Duran UnDone CD 1999
The Andrew Denton Breakfast Show Musical Challenge CD 2000
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Ferris Bueller's Day Off Soundtrack (Bootleg) CD-R 0
Young Einstein CD 1988
Pretty Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD 1990
Doctor Who - Variations On A Theme CD Single 1991
The Best of James Bond - 30th Anniversary Collection CD 1991
Reservoir Dogs CD 1992
Pulp Fiction CD 1994
The Worlds Of Doctor Who CD 1994
Mallrats CD 1995
Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack (Remastered) CD 1995
Strange Days CD 1995
Virtuosity - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD 1995
Spawn: The Album CD 1997
The Full Monty CD 1997
Lost In Space CD 1998
Various Artists/Arnold, Dave On Her Majesty's Secret Service CD Single 1997
ABBA Gold (Greatest Hits) CD 1999
Adams, Douglas Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Cassette 1987
The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Radio Broadcasts) 6xCD 1988
The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Series Cassette 1994
The Guide To The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Cassette 1999
Angels, The Greatest Hits Volume II CD 1985
Their Finest Hour - and then some... CD 1992
Apollo 440 Getting High On Your Own Supply CD 1999
Heart Go Boom CD Single 1999
Stop The Rock CD Single 1999
Stop The Rock (Alt Single) CD Single 1999
Arnee and the Terminaters I’ll Be Back CD Single 1991
Art Of Noise, The The Seduction of Claude Debussy CD 0
(Who's Afraid Of) The Art Of Noise CD 1984
Daft CD 1984
Paranoimia [Picture Disc] 7" Single 1986
In No Sense? Nonsense! CD 1988
In Visible Silence CD 1988
Below The Waste CD 1989
Yebo (UK Single) CD Single 1989
The Ambient Collection CD 1990
The Best of The Art of Noise (Art Works 12") CD 1991
The Fon Mixes CD 1991
The Best of the Art of Noise (Artworks) CD 1992
Yebo CD Single 1995
The Drum And Bass Collection CD 1996
metaforce CD Single 1999
The Seduction of Claude Debussy CD 1999
Reduction CD 2000
Atkinson, Rowan Not Just A Pretty Face CD 1987
Austen Tayshus The Lounge Lizard Live CD 1992
Australian Crawl Crawl File CD 0
B-52’s, The The B-52’s CD 1979
Cosmic Thing CD 1989
Babylon Zoo The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes CD 1996
Bad Religion 21st Century (Digital Boy) CD Single 1995
Beatles, The Please Please Me CD 1963
With The Beatles CD 1963
A Hard Day's Night CD 1964
Beatles For Sale CD 1964
Help! CD 1965
Rubber Soul CD 1965
Revolver CD 1966
Magical Mystery Tour CD 1967
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CD 1967
"The White Album" 2xCD 1968
Abbey Road CD 1969
Yellow Submarine CD 1969
Let It Be CD 1970
Past Masters: Volume One CD 1988
Past Masters: Volume Two CD 1988
Black Dog, The featuring Ofra Haza Babylon 2xCD 1998
Boa Terra Chariots Of Fire CD Single 1998
Bond Victory CD Single 2000
Boom Crash Opera These Here Are Crazy Times CD 1989
Born/Born Again 2xCD 1995
Boomtang Boys Squeeze Toy CD Single 1999
Bowie, David Changesbowie CD 1990
Black Tie White Noise CD 1993
C + C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat CD 1990
Anything Goes! CD 1994
Caligula Tears Of A Clown CD Single 1993
Cars, The Greatest Hits CD 1985
Chumbawamba Tubthumping CD Single 1997
Clark, Louis conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Hooked On Classics CD 1987
Hooked On Classics Volume 2 (Can't Stop The Classics) CD 1987
Hooked On Classics Volume 3 (Journey Through The Classics) CD 1987
Clarke & Dawe Great Interviews of the Twentieth Century CD 1990
Secret Men's Business CD 1996
Clarke, John The Fred Dagg Tapes CD 1979
Clayton, Adam and Mullen, Larry Mission: Impossible CD Single 1996
Clivillés and Cole Pride (In the Name Of Love) CD Single 1991
Greatest Remixes Vol. 1 CD 1992
Club Veg Members and Guests and Things CD 1988
Company Of Strangers Motor City (I Get Lost) CD Single 1992
Connolly, Billy The Pick Of Billy Connolly CD 1981
Cooper, Alice The Beast Of Alice Cooper CD 1989
Trash CD 1989
D.A.D. No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims CD 1989
D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince He's The D.J., I'm The Rapper CD 1988
And In This Corner... CD 1989
Homebase CD 1991
Code Red CD 1993
Boom! Shake the Room CD Single 1995
Greatest Hits CD 1998
D:Ream Things Can Only Get Better CD Single 1993
De Burgh, Chris Spark to a Flame (The Very Best of Chris De Burgh) CD 1989
Deep Forest White Whisper CD Single 1993
Def Leppard Hysteria CD 1987
Denton, Andew/The Money Or The Gun (Various Artists) Stairways to Heaven CD 1992
Denton, Andrew and the cast of ‘Live and Sweaty’ I Don’t Care As Long As We Beat New Zealand CD Single 1992
Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth 12" Single 1990
Policy Of Truth CD Single 1990
Policy Of Truth CD Single 1990
DEVO Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Devo/Devo Live CD 1978
Duty Now For The Future/New Traditionalists CD 1979
Oh No It's Devo/Freedom Of Choice CD 1980
Greatest Hits CD 1990
Greatest Misses CD 1990
D-Generation, The The Satanic Sketches CD 1989
The Breakfast Tapes CD 1990
Dire Straits Money For Nothing CD 1988
Dolby, Thomas Restrospectacle (The Best Of Thomas Dolby) CD 1994
Eiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee) CD Single 1998
Electric Hippies, The Greedy People CD Single 1993
Elektric Music Esperanto CD 1993
Electric Music CD 1998
ESPERANTO_plus CD 1999
Elton, Ben The Man From Auntie 2 CD 1995
EMF Unbelievable CD Single 1991
Endorphin Blue Moon CD Single 1999
Enigma Sadeness Part I CD Single 1990
MCMXC a.D. (Limited Edition) CD 1991
The Cross Of Changes (Enigma 2) CD 1993
Age Of Loneliness CD Single 1994
The Cross Of Changes (Special Edition) CD 1994
Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (Enigma 3) CD 1996
The Screen Behind The Mirror CD 2000
Remember The Future DVD 2001
Enzso Enzso CD 1996
Enzso˛ CD 1998
Etheridge, Melissa Melissa Etheridge CD 1988
Eurythmics In The Garden CD 1981
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) CD 1983
Touch CD 1983
1984 (For the Love of Big Brother) CD 1984
Touch Dance CD 1984
Be Yourself Tonight CD 1985
Revenge CD 1986
Savage CD 1987
We Too Are One CD 1989
Peace CD 1999
F.C.B. (Remixed by Nick Skitz) Excalibur ('95 Remix of O"Fortuna) CD Single 1995
Excalibur 2000 CD Single 1999
Falco The Remix Hit Collection CD 1991
The Hit-Singles CD 1998
Fargone Beauties, The It's Hard When You're Ugly CD 1992
Fatboy Slim You've Come A Long Way, Baby CD 1998
Praise You CD Single 1999
Right Here Right Now CD Single 1999
Ferry, Brian and Roxy Music More Than This (The Best of...) CD 1995
Fine Young Cannibals The Raw And The Remix CD 1990
Finest CD 1996
Finn, Tim Escapade CD 1983
Before & After CD 1993
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits CD 1988
Foreigner The Very Best And Beyond CD 1992
FourPlay Electric String Quartet Catgut Ya' Tongue? CD 1998
Live CD-R 1999
TheJoyOf CD 2000
DigitalManipulation 2xCD 2001
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Ultra Rare Trax CD 0
Welcome To The Pleasuredome CD 1984
Liverpool CD 1986
Bang!… The Greatest Hits of Frankie Goes To Hollywood CD 1993
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Single) CD Single 1993
Realod! Frankie: The Whole 12 Inches CD 1994
Relax CD Single 1994
The Power Of Love CD Single 2000
Two Tribes plus Power Of Love CD Single 2000
Future Sound Of London, The ISDN CD 1994
G3 (Satriani, Joe; Johnson, Eric; Vai, Steve) G3 - Live In Concert CD 1997
Gabriel, Peter Peter Gabriel 1 [Car] CD 1977
Peter Gabriel 2 [Scratch Marks] CD 1978
Peter Gabriel 3 [Melting Face] CD 1980
Peter Gabriel 4 [Security] CD 1982
Plays Live - Highlights CD 1984
Birdy (Soundtrack Of The Film) CD 1985
So CD 1986
Us CD 1992
Secret World Live 2xCD 1994
OVO CD 2000
Gangstarr Lovesick CD Single 1991
Garbage The World Is Not Enough CD Single 1999
Geggy Tah Sacred Cow CD 1996
Genesis From Genesis to Revelation CD 1968
Ghost, Amanda Filthy Mind CD Single 2000
Gleeson, Tom The United States of Australia CD Single 1999
Goodies, The Yum Yum! (The Very Best of) CD 1997
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five The Message CD Single 1997
Graney, Dave and The Coral Snakes The Soft 'N' Sexy Sound CD 1995
Grant Naylor (Read by Chris Barrie) Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (Abridged) 3xCD 1992
Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (Unabridged) Cassette 1992
Red Dwarf: Better Than Life (Unabridged) Cassette 1994
Grid, The Evolver CD 1994
Swamp Thing CD Single 1994
Guru Josh Infinity CD 1990
Whose Law (Is It Anyway)? CD Single 1990
Hall and Oats The Best Of Hall And Oats CD 1991
Harrison, George Cloud Nine CD 1987
Headless Chickens Cruise Control CD Single 1994
Hoodoo Gurus Electric Soup (The Singles Collection) CD 1992
Gorilla Biscuit (B-Sides and Rarities) CD 1996
Waking Up Tired CD Single 1996
Hughs, Sean Sean's Tape CD 1994
Hunters And Collectors Collected Works CD 1990
Icehouse Masterfile CD 1992
Idol, Billy Vital Idol CD 1987
Idol Songs CD 1989
Cyberpunk CD 1993
Shock To The System CD Single 1993
Information Society Hack CD 1990
INXS The Swing CD 1984
Listen Like Thieves CD 1985
Kick CD 1987
INXS CD 1991
Shabooh Shoobah CD 1991
Welcome To Wherever You Are CD 1992
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts CD 1993
Elegantly Wasted CD  
X CD  
Jackson, Joe Stepping Out (The Very Best Of Joe Jackson) CD 1990
Jarre, Jean Michel Oxygene CD 1976
Equinoxe CD 1978
Magnetic Fields (Les Chants Magnetiques) CD 1981
The Essential Jean-Michel Jarre CD 1983
Zoolook CD 1984
Rendez-vous CD 1986
Cities In Concert -  Houston/Lyon CD 1987
Revolutions CD 1988
Waiting for Cousteau CD 1990
Zoolookologie - Oxygene VI CD Single 1991
Les Concerts En Chine (Volume 1) CD 1992
Chronologie CD 1993
Cronologie Part 4 Remix CD Single 1993
Hong Kong 2xCD 1994
Rarities CD 1994
Jarremix CD 1995
Oxygene (Trance Remix) CD 1995
Oxygene 10 CD Single 1997
Oxygene 10 CD Single 1997
Oxygene 7 CD Single 1997
Oxygene 7-13 CD 1997
Oxygene 8 CD Single 1997
Images (The Best of Jean Michel Jarre) CD 1998
Odyssey Through O2 CD 1998
C'est La Vie (#1) CD Single 2000
C'est La Vie (#2) CD Single 2000
Metamorphoses CD 2000
Tout Est Bleu CD Single 2000
Jarre, Jean Michel & Apollo Four Forty Rendez-Vous 98 CD Single 1998
Jarre, Jean Michel & Tetsuya "TK" Komuro Together Now CD Single 1998
Jive Bunny The Album CD 1989
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II 2xCD 1985
Interview with Billy Joel CD Single 1985
Storm Front CD 1989
Live at Yankee Stadium CD 1990
Jones, Tom If I Only Knew CD Single 1994
The Lead And How To Swing It CD 1994
Jones, Tom & Cardigans, The Burning Down The House CD Single 1999
Kelly, Paul Songs From The South (Greatest Hits) CD 1997
King Missile Detachable Penis CD Single 1992
Knack, The/Squeeze My Sharona/Tempted CD Single 1994
Kraftwerk Radioactivity CD 1978
The Mix CD 1991
The Robots CD Single 1991
Leary, Denis Lock 'n Load CD 1997
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV CD 1971
Leningrad Cowboys Happy Together CD 1994
Lennon, John Legend (The Very Best Of John Lennon) CD 1997
Lennox, Annie Diva CD 1992
Medusa CD 1995
Lewis, Huey and The News Sports CD 1983
Fore! CD 1986
Small World CD 1988
The Heart Of Rock And Roll (The Very Best Of...) CD 1992
Madness Complete Madness CD 1982
Martin/Molloy The Brown Album 2xCD 1995
Poop Chute 2xCD 1996
Eat Your Peas 2xCD 1998
Mary's Danish There goes the wondertruck... CD 1989
Experience (Live + Foxey Lady) CD 1990
Circa CD 1991
Max Q Max Q CD 1989
McCartney, Paul All The Best! CD 1987
McDermott, Paul Unplugged (The Good News Week Tapes Vol: 1) CD 1998
Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell CD 1977
Dead Ringer CD 1981
Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell CD 1993
Men at Work ‘81 - ‘85 CD 1986
Mental as Anything Greatest Hits Volume One CD 1986
The World Seems Difficult CD Single 1989
Metallica Metallica CD 1991
Midnight Oil Midnight Oil CD 1978
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 CD 1982
Red Sails In The Sunset CD 1984
The Dead Heart CD Single 1988
Miller, Steve The Very Best Of The Steve Miller Band CD 1992
Milli Vanilli Greatest Hits Cassette 1989
Mi-Sex Caught In The Act 2xCD 0
'79-'85 CD 1985
Moby James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) CD Single 1997
Monkey Magic (r.m.r.) Monkey Magic CD Single 2001
Monty Python Monty Python’s Previous Record CD 1972
Monty Python Live at Drury Lane CD 1975
Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album CD 1980
Sings CD 1989
The Instant Monty Python CD Collection 6xCD 1994
Moog Cookbook, The The Moog Cookbook CD 1996
Morricone, Ennio Film Music 1966-1984 2xCD 1987
Mothersbaugh, Mark Musik For Insomniacs (Volume 2) CD 1988
Mr Bean & Smear Campaign (I Want To Be) Elected CD Single 1992
n-trance (featuring Ricardo Da Force) Stayin' Alive CD Single 1995
Oasis (What's The Story) Morning Glory CD 1995
Offspring, The Smash CD 1994
Ixnay On The Hombre CD 1997
Americana CD 1998
Why Don't You Get A Job? CD Single 1999
Want You Bad CD Single 2001
Want You Bad [Limited Edition] CD Single 2001
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells CD 1973
The Orchestral Tubular Bells CD 1974
Amarok CD 1990
Tubular Bells II CD 1992
Tubular Bells II (Singles) CD-R 1992
Tubular Bells III CD 1998
The Millennium Bell CD 1999
Olsen, Ollie Emptiness CD 1999
Orb, The Ultra Rare Trax CD 0
A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld CD Single 1990
The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (Double Album) 2xCD 1991
U.F.Orb CD 1992
Orbus Terrarum CD 1995
Toxygene [Single 1 of 2] CD Single 1997
Toxygene [Single 2 of 2] CD Single 1997
Once More… CD Single 2001
Orbit, William Barber's Adagio For Strings CD Single 2000
Orgy Blue Monday CD Single 1999
Orquestra Was Forever's A Long, Long Time (Sampler) CD Single 1997
Palmer, Robert Maybe It's Live CD 0
Some People Can Do What They Want CD 1976
Clues CD 1980
Pride CD 1983
Heavy Nova CD 1988
Addictions Volume 1 CD 1989
Don’t Explain CD 1990
Addictions Volume 2 CD 1992
Honey CD 1994
Rhythm & Blues CD 1999
Pet Shop Boys So Hard (The KLF vs Pet Shop Boys) CD Single 1990
Absolutely Fabulous CD Single 1994
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits CD 1993
Phil Da Costa & Nelmski Technoclassix Volume 1 "Never Mind the Beethoven…" CD 0
Power Station, The Living In Fear CD 1986
Presidents of The United Sates Of America, The The Presidents of The United States Of America CD 1995
Priest, Maxi Best Of Me CD 1991
Prodigy Firestarter CD Single 1996
Propellerheads History Repeating (featuring Miss Shirley Bassey) CD Single 1997
Pursuit Of Happiness, The Love Junk CD 1989
Queen Greatest Hits I & II 2xCD 1992
Regurgitator Black Bugs CD Single 1998
Happiness (Rotting My Brain) CD Single 1999
Richard, Cliff and The Young Ones Living Doll 7" Single 1986
Rockmelons Tales Of The City CD 1991
Runga, Bic Drive CD Single 1997
Rutles, The Archaeology CD 1996
Safran, John (sort of) Not The Sunscreen Song CD Single 1998
Santana The Very Best Of Santana CD 1994
Scared Weird Little Guys Scared CD 1995
Scatterbrain Mozart Sonata #3 CD Single 1990
Schnell Fenster The Sound Of Trees CD 1988
Ok Alright A Huh Oh Yeah CD 1990
Heroes Let You Down CD Single 1991
Screamer (The Moody Boys present…) What Is Dub? 12" Single 1991
Seal Seal CD 1991
The Beginning CD Single 1991
Seal 2 CD 1994
Seger, Bob and The Silver Bullet Band Night Moves CD 1976
Shamen, The In Gorbachev We Trust CD 1989
Hyperreal CD Single 1990
En-Tact CD 1991
Move Any Mountain - Progen 91 CD Single 1991
Boss Drum CD 1992
Boss Drum (single) CD Single 1992
Ebeneezer Goode CD Single 1992
LSI CD Single 1992
Make It Mine CD Single 1992
Comin' On CD Single 1993
Different Drum CD 1993
On Air - The BBC Sessions CD 1993
Phorever People CD Single 1993
Axis Mutatis CD 1995
Destination Eschaton CD Single 1995
Destination Eschaton CD Single 1995
Heal (The Separation) CD Single 1995
Transamazonia CD Single 1995
Transamazonia CD Single 1995
Collection CD 1996
Hempton Manor CD 1996
The Shamen Collection (Hits + Bonus Remix CD) 2xCD 1998
Sharam, Max A Million Year Girl CD 1995
Coma CD Single 1995
Simple Minds Glittering Prize (81/92) CD 1992
Spiderbait Glokenpop CD Single 1999
Spiller Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) CD Single 2000
Spinal Tap Spinal Tap CD 1984
Spinal Tap Break Like The Wind CD 1992
Split Enz History Never Repeats (The Best of Split Enz) CD 1989
Stewart, Dave Greetings from the Gutter CD 1994
Stewart, Dave Secret CD Single 1995
Stewart, Dave and the Spiritual Cowboys Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys CD 1990
Sting and Police, The The Very Best Of.… CD 1997
Strawpeople Hemisphere CD 1991
Broadcast CD 1994
Trick With A Knife CD Single 1994
Vicarious CD 1996
100 Street Transistors CD 1997
Taller Than God CD Single 1997
Drive CD Single 2000
No New Messages CD 2000
Scared Of Flying CD Single 2000
Supertramp The Very Best Of Supertramp CD 1990
Supreme Beings Of Leisure Strangelove Addiction CD Single 1999
System 7 Power Of Seven7 CD 1995
T.I.S.M. Shoddy & Poor Video 1989
Hot Dogma CD 1990
Gentlemen, Start Your Egos CD 1991
Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance CD 1991
Incontinent In Ten Continents Video 1991
TISM T.V. Primer Video 1991
The Beasts of Suburban CD 1992
Australia The Lucky Cunt CD 1993
Collected Recordings 1986-1993 4xCD 1993
Collected Recordings Sampler CD Single 1993
Garbage CD Single 1994
(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River CD Single 1995
Greg! The Stop Sign CD Single 1995
Jung Talent Time - The Remixes CD Single 1995
Machiavelli And The Four Seasons CD 1995
Machiavelli And The Four Seasons plus Machines Against The Rage 2xCD 1996
Machines Against The Rage/All Homeboys Are Dickheads 2xCD 1996
Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio CD Single 1997
Yob CD Single 1997
Gold! Gold!! Gold!!! Video 1998
I Might Be A Cunt, But I'm Not A Fucking Cunt CD Single 1998
Thunderbirds Are Coming Out CD Single 1998
Whatareya? CD Single 1998 2xCD 1998
Talking Heads Stop Making Sense CD 1984
The Best of- Once In A Lifetime CD 1992
Tears For Fears Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) CD 1992
Third Eye The Dance Of Creation CD 1984
The Real Thing CD Single 1990
Third Eye CD 1991
Ancient Future CD 1993
New Life CD Single 1997
Trance Atlantic Airwaves The Energy of Sound CD 1997
Chase CD Single 1998
Twelfth Man, The Marvellous! CD Single 1992
Wired World Of Sports II 2xCD 1994
The Final Insult 2xCD 2001
Two Unlim!ted Get Ready! CD 1992
The Magic Friend CD Single 1992
No Limit CD Single 1993
Utah Saints Something Good CD Single 1992
Utah Saints CD 1993
Two CD 2000
Van Helden, Armand You Don't Know Me CD Single 1999
Vangelis Chariots of Fire CD 1981
Village People The Best of Village People CD 1993
Visage Fade To Grey (Bassheads 93 Remix) CD Single 1993
The Best of Visage CD 1993
Was (Not Was) Was (Not Was) CD 1981
Born To Laugh At Tornadoes CD 1983
What Up, Dog? CD 1988
New Steak Trend CD 1989
Are You Okay? CD 1990
How The Heart Behaves CD Single 1990
Papa Was A Rolling Stone CD Single 1990
Hello, Dad... I’m In Jail CD 1992
Listen Like Thieves CD Single 1992
Shake Your Head CD Single 1992
Wayne, Jeff The War of the Worlds 2xCD 1978
War Of The Worlds, The - ULLAdubULLA: The Remix Album 2xCD 2000
Whistler Happiness CD Single 2000
Who, The Who's Better, Who's Best CD 1988
Williams Fairey Band, The Acid Brass CD 0
Williams, John Star Wars Trilogy (The Original Soundtrack Anthology) 4xCD 1993
Wright, Steven I Have A Pony CD 0
Yankovic, "Weird Al" "Weird Al" Yankovic CD 1983
"Weird Al" Yankovic in 3-D CD 1984
Dare To Be Stupid CD 1985
Even Worse CD 1988
UHF - Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack and other stuff CD 1988
UHF - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Cassette 1989
Polka Party CD 1990
Off The Deep End CD 1992
Alapalooza CD 1993
Headline News CD Single 1994
Bad Hair Day CD 1996
Gump CD Single 1996
Running With Scissors CD 1999
Yankovic, "Weird Al" & Carlos, Wendy Peter And The Wolf (Carnival Of The Animals - Part II) CD 1988
Yazoo Only You (1999 Mix) CD Single 1999
Yazz Love Hangover/The Only Way Is Up 2001 (Groove Armada Mix) CD-R 2001
Love Hangover/The Only Way Is Up 2001 (WIP Mix) CD-R 2001
Yello Solid Pleasure CD 1980
Claro Que Si CD 1981
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess CD 1983
Oh Yeah CD Single 1985
Stella CD 1985
1980-1985: The New Mix In One Go CD 1986
One Second CD 1987
Flag CD 1988
Baby CD 1991
Rubberbandman CD Single 1991
The Yello Video Show (Live At The Roxy NY dec 83) Video 1991
How How CD Single 1994
Zebra CD 1994
Hands On Yello [Single CD Version] CD 1995
Jingle Bells CD Single 1995
Tremendous Pain CD Single 1995
Pocket Universe CD 1997
To The Sea CD Single 1997
Eccentrix Remixes CD 1999
Motion Picture CD 1999
ZZ Top Greatest Hits CD 1992

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