My On-Line T-Shirt Collection

I own quite a lot of T-Shirts. Probably far too many. But let's face it... after 13 years of wearing a school uniform, it's nice to be able to wear something else, isn't it? And since I wear blue denim jeans almost 100% of the time, T-Shirts are probably the only way I have of expressing any sort of individual clothing style. I got a bit of a name for myself as having a wide and varied T-Shirt collection. In the past only the people that actually knew me got to see my fabulous collection. But not any longer. Thanks to 5Mb of free Web Space that I got with this account, I can now share my T-Shirts with the world. <grin> *

So here are just a couple of the designs that I have. (I stole a lot of the graphics from Remo's Web Site, the shop where I bought them from.)



This design should be instantly recognisable to all Dr Seuss fans out there. It is, of course, taken from that finest of literary works, "Green Eggs and Ham". Now, a few of you may be asking, "Where's the ham?". Well, originally, this T-Shirt only came with the green egss on the front. For many years I thought this a grave oversight. Obviously I wasn't the only one, because Remo re-released the T-Shirt, but this time with the ham on the back.
Another Remo design. This T-Shirt is called "Communications Man". I don't know why... I didn't name it. But it's a cute design, so who cares, right?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Albert Einstein


A good T-Shirt to wear to exams. Thanks to Albert for the quote, and Remo for the T-Shirt.



Remo again. The writing is really in white on the T-Shirt, on a white background. People might argue with both adjectives when applied to me. I'd challenge them to an arm wrestle on the former, but would probably have to concede the latter.



The front design is on the left, the back design on the right. I think the whole mind game involved in just the front of the T-Shirt is good enough, but the back design is nicely cerebral also. Yep, it's a Remo.




The last Remo design I have that I can show you. When I was younger, some TV channels didn't broadcast 24 hour a day, and this was the "Test Pattern" that they screened usually a bit prior and a bit after transmissions for the day. I'm sure there are younger people out there who have never seen it and wonder what the hell it is.
sein-001.jpg (5945 bytes) "The Kramer" - "He's a loathsome offensive brute, yet I can't look away"

Seinfeld is an excellent TV show. One of the few American shows worth watching, at least most of the time. Pity Jerry was so *@%! expensive when he toured recently.
This is my T.I.S.M. T-Shirt, known as their "Machiavelli and the Four Seasons" T-Shirt, due to the fact that all the words on it are song lyrics from that album.

(That's not me in the photos, by the way.)

That's it, so far. I've got to work out a way to get more images into the computer. Placing the T-Shirt on the scanner probably isn't all that feasible. (I will give it a try though.) Maybe I can scum a digital camera off someone and even model them for you. (E-mail me with your pleadings for me not to.)

* Thanks for the inspiration to create the page must go to Graham Freeman, a.k.a.. Graham The Happy Scum. Graham and I went to Uni together for a couple of years, and imagine my surprise when I found that he had tracked down my Web Site, created a link to it on his home page, and even expressed his wonder at my T-Shirt collection on the link's description. Well, I couldn't have people following his link and then not finding any T-Shirts, could I?

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