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Well, I happen to think that I have a pretty broad taste in music. Some friends of mine might disagree, pointing towards my very definite leanings towards the KLF, but to hell with what they think.

If you want, have a look at the complete list of albums and singles in my music collection. (The page will take a while to load. There's a lot of entries!) Of course, I can only provide you with this list because, true to my completely anal nature, I have entered all my albums into a database. Luckily I'm only giving you the basic information, saving you from the full horror of the complete database where I have also stored all the track titles, place of purchase, purchase price*, CD barcode and more.

The rest of this page is really just links to music sites, but you can get an idea about who I like from it:

The FourPlay Homepage, by far the best electric string quartet playing in Sydney at the present time! <grin>
Actually, they're regularly touring Europe these days (well, every few years), so now the rest of the world can enjoy them too!
KLF Sites (a.k.a The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, furthermore known as the JAMMs, The Timelords, The K Foundation, 2K, and more...)
With Bill and Jimmy, it's not just the music, though I enjoy that first and foremost; it's the whole "art thing".
Don't just take my word for the fact they're brilliant. Check these links out! <grin>
KLF Online - Amazingly complete site
KLF Mainpage
Sample City - Used to have bootleg info, but now just an e-mail link?
T.I.S.M. (a.k.a. This Is Serious Mum) - A great Aussie band most well known for the fact that they are not well known, due to the fact that nobody knows who they are. (They wear balaclavas and use pseudonyms.)
Official TISM Website
Is This Serious?
Victims of TISM Support Group
Thug's TISM Page - my own TISM page on GeoCities where you can download MP3s of some rare TISM tracks.
Other Sites:
Lazlo's Discography Machine - it's scary how much this guy's tastes match mine. KLF, Orb, The Art of Noise, Yello, Frankie Goes To Hollywood... he's got discographies of the lot! Only problem is, every time I visit his site I just get depressed at how much stuff by these artists I don't own!
The 80s Server - still the best decade for music ever. People who say otherwise are either very silly with no real taste in music or were born after 1980. (I got a bit of a shock when I worked out that people born after 1980 were now old enough for me to actually talk to. Scary!)
Jean Michel Jarre - a great electronic musician who also does amazing concerts. I'm still waiting for the day he decides to do a concert in Australia.
Online Store Sites I Use: (Apart from the obvious ones, like CDNow, Amazon, etc.)
GROOVE Unlimited
Last Vestige Music Shop
Red Eye Records

* Just to scare myself at the end of the year when I total all my purchases up.

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