The Obligatory Page of Links

Yep, it's that part of the site. The bit where I reproduce a whole heap of my bookmarks in a big list, and you browse through them and either think "this guy has spent far too much time on the 'net" or "this guy is just plain weird."
(Don't forget that there are links on my Music Stuff, Film Stuff and Computer Stuff pages too.)

Wish Lists Wishlist Wishlists
DVD Wish List - Part of my online DVD collection, thanks to Intervocative Software

Other Personal Pages

Thug's TISM Home Page - Another small page of mine specifically devoted to TISM samples.
The Hurwood Family Tree [] - Another Hurwood has been bothered to put the whole lot online! {Link Dead}

Pages of Friends

Andrew's Personal Web Server [Andrew Miehs] - Old school friend, now living in Germany.
Peter Hollo's Home Page - You can call him "Raven" if you like.
FourPlay - Eclectic Electric String Quartet! - The home page of the band that Peter is part of.
Peter Davis' Home Page - Wasting Precious Moments Of You Life!
The Pointless Homepage of Shannon Elbourne - Nothing there... but you never know, one day that might change.
Malcolm Ryan's Home Page - Mal's been a friend since almost before time began. (Well, it seems that way sometimes.) These days he's a bit of a clown... literally.
Nick's Vanity Homepage [Nick Jenkins] - CEO of Calculix, the creators of ExamPlanner software.
Tiina Muukkonen's home page - Has Fermat's Theorem caused you to dress provocatively?

Humour Sites

The Onion - Americans doing satire. Will wonders never cease?
The Brunching Shuttlecocks -- Humor with a 'Runch'
Landover Baptist - Unsaved Not Welcome

Software I Recommend

The Proxomitron - Universal Web Filter - For Techie types only, but great for removing adds and all sorts of other stuff when surfing the web. (Freeware!)
Tiny Personal Firewall - Everyone needs are firewall these days. (V2.x is Freeware!)
ZOC (EmTec Innovative Software) - Great terminal software. I first started using ZOC many years ago on on OS/2 for my BBS and Dial-Up Shell Internet access, and while I have l less use for it these days, it's still good to have around as a Telnet client.

Computing Sites

Counterexploitation - Protecting your rights on-line and elsewhere
The BOX Network - Good, informative pages on lots of topics (not all computing, actually)

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